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Readings November Sweeps Ratings Emphasis on total viewers, 18-49 Success for CBS (younger viewers, five specials) NBC: Celebrity Fear Factor Fox: Male viewers through sports Readings CBS Wins CBS trying to shed image as “older” network Readings NBC and liquor ads

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Readings l.jpg

November Sweeps

  • Ratings

  • Emphasis on total viewers, 18-49

  • Success for CBS (younger viewers, five specials)

  • NBC: Celebrity Fear Factor

  • Fox: Male viewers through sports

Readings2 l.jpg

CBS Wins

  • CBS trying to shed image as “older” network

Readings3 l.jpg

NBC and liquor ads

  • Effort to increase revenues

  • Network avoidance; local stations only

  • Efforts to deal with critics

  • Threat to magazines?

  • Update

Readings4 l.jpg

TV Plot Placement (Week 6)

  • Revlon and “All My Children”

  • Concerns

Contemporary tv l.jpg

contemporary TV

why you see what you see

Seeking young viewers l.jpg
seeking young viewers

  • MTV: Real World, Celebrity Death Match

  • WB: Dawson, Gilmore Girls

  • CBS: Murder She Wrote, Touched by an Angel, Survivor I and II.

  • Fox: Temptation Island, X files

  • ABC’s Millionaire

Other reality programming l.jpg
Other Reality Programming

  • Reality? Unscripted

  • Costs

  • Demographics

  • Not all successful

Ii seeking males l.jpg
II. seeking males

  • NBC: Seinfeld, XFL

  • CBS: Dr. Quinn, Martial Law

  • sports

Broadcast tv ratings feb 18 23 02 l.jpg
Broadcast TV ratings, Feb 18-23, ‘02

Sports and tv ratings l.jpg
sports and TV ratings

  • Football: costs, results of costs (pre game, postgame, commercials)

  • Nascar

  • NCAA

  • Olympics

  • wrestling (WWF, UPN’s Smackdown!)

  • Murdoch

Jerry springer wrestling and youth markets l.jpg
Jerry Springer:wrestling and youth markets

Iii women l.jpg
III. Women

  • 60 % broadcast viewers

  • women stars: Dharma, Ally, Felicity, Sally

  • still a struggle: Dottie Dartland, writer for Dharma and Greg

  • Cable: Lifetime, Oxygen

Other segments l.jpg
other segments

  • older viewers

  • gays, lesbians: Ellen, Birdcage, Will and Grace

Tv and people of color l.jpg
TV and people of color

  • NAACP protests, network agreements, progress?

  • Asian Americans on TV

  • Latinos on TV

  • Black Entertainment Television (BET)

Tv today l.jpg
TV today

  • Friends, Temptation Island, Big Brother, Survivor 1, Burger King, UPN shows/Moesha, Will and Grace, Touched by an Angel, MTV/Old Navy, Ally McBeal, MTV/Super Bowl, Smackdown!, Dawson, Survivor 1, Super Bowl promos for CBS, EDS, Bud

Friends l.jpg

Youth Market

Salaries of stars

Network ownership of shows

White TV

Temptation island l.jpg
Temptation Island

  • Reality show

  • Reluctance of advertisers

  • Key demographic

  • Cross promotion

Big brother l.jpg
Big Brother

  • Reality, not all successful

  • CBS effort : young audiences

Survivor 1 l.jpg
Survivor 1

Potential of reality TV, low cost, plugging other shows, younger audience

Burger king l.jpg
Burger King

Advertising: 15 minutes/hr prime time

Youth: fast food, music, clothes

Moesha l.jpg

Targeting African Americans

Limited diversity on TV

Will and grace l.jpg
Will and Grace

  • NBC owned show: ideal flow/night

  • Popular

  • Not controversial

  • Sanitized?

Touched by an angel l.jpg
Touched by an Angel

  • Older audience,

  • lower rates despite size of audience

  • “edgier topics”

Mtv old navy l.jpg
MTV/Old Navy

  • Success of MTV: cheap production, ideal marketing vehicle to reach 12-24

Ally mcbeal l.jpg
Ally McBeal

  • Fox strategy to reach young women, young men

  • New style of show: dramedy (drama, situation comedy)

  • Fox’s decline

Mtv super bowl cbs l.jpg
MTV Super Bowl/CBS

  • Synergy (same parent company)

  • Effort by CBS to attract younger audience

Smackdown l.jpg

  • UPN show

  • Reaching elusive 12-24 male audience

  • Desired by advertisers (but limited)

  • XFL project

Dawson l.jpg

  • WB

  • Young women, young men

  • Conglomerate cross-promotion (e.g., Warner music)

Survivor 132 l.jpg
Survivor 1

  • Product Placement

  • Increasing in TV shows

Super bowl promos l.jpg
Super Bowl Promos

  • How to make the best of extremely expensive sports programming – plug the rest of your shows

Eds bud l.jpg
EDS, Bud

  • Super Bowl 2001 ads

  • $2.3m/30 seconds