Integrated Maternal And Child Health Campaign in Ghana
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Integrated Maternal And Child Health Campaign in Ghana By Georgina Amidu Programme Communication Officer UNICEF/Ghana 8 th April 2008, Dakar - Senegal. Outline of Presentation. Introduction Context of IMCHC in Ghana Main problems identified Communication strategies Key achievements

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Integrated Maternal And Child Health Campaign in GhanaByGeorgina AmiduProgramme Communication Officer UNICEF/Ghana 8th April 2008, Dakar - Senegal

Outline of presentation
Outline of Presentation

  • Introduction

  • Context of IMCHC in Ghana

  • Main problems identified

  • Communication strategies

  • Key achievements

  • Key challenges

  • Lessons Learned

  • Perspectives for 2008


  • Estimated population of 23Million

  • U5M of 111/1000 live births (42nd out 191 countries)

  • Maternal mortality 187/100,000 live births with about 50% of pregnant women accessing supervised delivery

Context of imchc in ghana
Context of IMCHC in Ghana

  • Interventions not reaching all target populations through routine service delivery

  • Causes of U5 & maternal mortality & morbidity in Ghana are preventable

  • Cost-effective interventions available in Ghana

  • Urgent call to INCREASE COVERAGE to achieve MDGs 4 & 5

Package of imchc
Package of IMCHC

  • OPV for children 0-59 months

  • Deworming children 24-59 months

  • Vit A supplementation for chn 6-59 months and lactating women within 8wks postpartum

  • Free ITNs to chn under 12 months and all pregnant women

  • Free birth registration for chn below 12 months

Main problems identified
Main Problems Identified

  • Health workers administered vaccines without telling clients of possible side effects, what to do in such instances etc.

  • Mothers were not told to continue with routine immunization

  • Education on how to use ITNs was absent in most centers

  • Pregnant women/children without ID cards were refused services at some immunization centers

Main problems cont
Main Problems Cont.

  • Some women who attended ANC/CWC during the month were confused (not sure if they could still access campaign services

  • Some women refused to patronise some centers when they heard ITNs were finished

  • Refusal of some mothers to send older children to centers because they were not captured for ITNs

  • Some mothers did not attach importance to the activities

Communication strategies implemented to address some of the issues
Communication Strategies Implemented to address some of the issues

  • Education on all components of the campaign on subsequent days (Gong gong)

  • Street announcements on coupon system

  • Gong gong beating to remind all care givers to send their chn to immunisation centers

  • Volunteers followed up to encourage some care-givers to patronise services (IPC)

Key challenges
Key challenges issues

  • Cultural/traditional barriers

  • Lack of commitment by some volunteers & care givers

  • Late release of funds to regions, districts & sub-districts etc.

  • Inadequate staff (Partners)

  • More concentration on service delivery

  • Late start of social mobilization activities at district/ community levels

  • Shortage of birth registration forms

  • Inaccurate target pop. Estimates (micro plans)

  • Rumours and perceptions

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned issues

  • Involving CBAs e.g GRCS/CMA mother facilitators is rewarding

  • Patronage/success to a campaign does not rely solely on awareness creation but also dialogue

  • ITNs as part of campaign package has a lot of challenges (disincentive)

  • Too much value placed on ITNs by mothers

Perspectives for 2008
Perspectives for 2008 issues

  • Start the social mobilization earlier & involve all relevant groups in communities

  • Use mass media- Radio,TV street announcement by (ISD)etc

  • Volunteers for the campaign to be well briefed. (Support with fliers)

  • Use of community registers for chn U5

Perspective for 2008
Perspective for 2008 issues

  • Create awareness on campaign at both static and outreach clinics

  • Community-wide meetings/durbars to explain components of campaign and concerns of community members early before the campaign (drama, PLA)etc

  • Continue the dialogue on the objectives of campaign with communities

Perspectives cont
Perspectives Cont. issues

  • Compose local songs on the campaign at all levels

  • Gong gong beating in communities

  • IE & C on the need for caregivers & pregnant women to continue with routine clinics (CWC/ANC)