Headteacher Recruitment 2009  All documents referred to in this presentation  can be found and copied at    cfbt

Headteacher Recruitment 2009 All documents referred to in this presentation can be found and copied at cfbt PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roles Headteacher Toolkit Page 5. Governing Body establishes Appointment Panel; delegates authorityAppointment Panel receives advice and support from the Adviser throughout processAppointment Panel produces a timeline, agrees advert, prepares Job Description and Person Specification, establishes salary range, determines interview programme, recommends appointee The Director's Representative judges whether each candidate is appointable, in their view, at formal interviewAppointment P19

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Headteacher Recruitment 2009 All documents referred to in this presentation can be found and copied at cfbt

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3. Current Recruiting Practices National Professional Qualification for Headteachers ( NPQH) Safer Recruitment Positive about disabled people (2 ticks)

4. NPQH Toolkit Page 6 From 1 April 2009, those appointed to their first headship must hold NPQH Evidence of graduation must be provided on, or before the interview day

5. Safer Recruitment Toolkit Page 7,8 The DCSF has issued guidance to set out procedures for appointment to identify or reject people who may abuse children or are otherwise unsuited to work with them It is recommended that at least one member of the panel has undertaken training Info: www.teachernet.gov.uk and www.ncsl.org.uk/saferrecruitment

6. Safer Recruitment Toolkit Page 7,8 Adverts and information should include safeguarding statement and tells applicants that an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check is required Person spec/job description make reference to responsibility to safeguard and promote welfare of children Obtain information on employment history, resolve discrepancies and gaps Obtain independent professional references

7. Safer Recruitment Toolkit Page 7,8 Follow up concerns re references directly Explore candidates’ suitability to work with children at interview Verify identity – photographic proof Verify qualifications Verify health and physical capability Undertake enhanced CRB check

8. Positive about Disabled People Toolkit Page 9 LCC welcomes applications from disabled people Has been awarded the symbol Schools can adopt symbol (and standards) See Page 9 Make clear in information sent out

9. Support for Governors Toolkit Page 10 SIS provides a ‘no charge’ service – support for the panel throughout process Mouchel provides support with drafting and placing advert (01522-836790) SIS support includes shortlisting, planning activities, attending process Director’s representative will be present at final interview

10. Panel Responsibilities Liaison with school re dates, times of meetings and associated admin, arrangements for selection process Liaison with Mouchel re advert, etc. Collation, copying of info packs, etc Collation, copying of other agreed documentation – inc application forms Clerk or School administrator – consider a one off payment?

11. Timeline Toolkit Page 11 Can take up to 14 weeks – 9 recommended Must fit in with resignation dates: For headteachers: 30th September to start in January 31st January April 30th April September For deputies: 31st October (for Jan), 28th Feb, 31st May Take holiday periods into account when planning timeline

12. Outline of key tasks Agree Job Description Pages 22-24 Produce Person Specification – key document Pages 25-26 Agree salary range Produce advertisement (£1000 up + website ad, if required) Agree and collate information packs and website entry, if required, for potential applicants Allow 2 weeks for applications Discuss visits to school by applicants Shortlist applicants against Person Spec

13. Outline of key tasks Invite candidates to selection process Send for references Plan and finalise details of selection days, informing candidates, amend Person Spec with selection activities to reflect this Check references Prepare score sheets, etc Conduct the selection day Make decision, offer post, ratify with GB Write to successful candidate Inform LA, send in forms, arrange induction

14. Job Description outlines the key areas of responsibility The National Standards presently has six key areas A Copy of a generic document is provided in our recruitment pack

15. Person Specification – what must you have in your new headteacher? Usually has Essential/desirable criteria It is the key document referred to during the recruitment process and needs to reflect as accurately as possible the needs of the post A copy of a generic Person Spec is provided in our recruitment pack

16. Packs for applicants normally contain: Covering Letter Information about the school Headteacher Job Description Person Specification General Information Application Form ( 2 ticks ?) Compile information pack

17. Salary Matters School has XXX children on roll This makes it a Group ? school Teaching commitment for head?? Salary Range is L?-?? Or, in real money, £?????-£????? Governors must set an ISR (7 point range), e.g. 8-14, 9-15, 15-21, etc. Current ISR? This appears in advert, etc. You must leave 3 points ‘headroom’ at top Candidates may request higher than starting point

18. Shortlisting The Person Spec will be used throughout the process to guide the Panel to the right candidate At shortlisting the essential aspects will identify those not suitable for interview and together with the desirable identify strong candidates Notes will be taken to inform the decisions for shortlisting The activities for the interview process will be identified against the Person Spec Consideration will be given to the structure of the interview process

19. The selection process ends with a formal interview to which the Director’s Representative must be invited Other well used selection techniques such as assemblies, presentations and reports can be considered Our recruitment pack outlines the most popular of these giving their pros and cons

20. Appointment The full Governing Body needs to meet shortly after interview, normally in the evening following interviews to listen to the recommendation of the Appointments Panel and ratify the appointment All sample letters used during the process are shown in the recruitment pack

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