Gender and Turkish migration in Belgium

Gender and Turkish migration in Belgium PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gender and Turkish migration in Belgium

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1. 16/12/2011 1 Gender and Turkish migration in Belgium Christiane Timmerman Research Unit on Poverty, Social Exclusion and the city/ Centre of Research on Equal Opportunities University of Antwerp

2. 16/12/2011 2

3. 16/12/2011 3 Gender and frames of reference 1.Local or folk Islam Patrilineality Segregation men – women honour/shame => private life

4. 16/12/2011 4 Gender and frames of reference 2. Kemalism/ secular republican nationalism a modern nation united around a single Turkish culture Secularism 1926: a new civil code, based on the Swiss civil code, => equal rights for women Education: important and compulsory for girls and boys for women: instrument to become ‘full citizens’ => public life

5. 16/12/2011 5 Gender and frames of reference 3.ISLAMISM instrumentalisation of Islam for political aims Basis for a just society: Islamic family values => private and public life

6. 16/12/2011 6 Young men in Belgium feel ignored by “modern” society threatened by socio-economic developments victims of racism Private life (local/folk Islam) favourable status threat: lost of status in reference to women Public life difficult to meet the demands (local/folk Islam and Kemalism) discrimination Islamist discourse social justice (public level) promoters of patriarchal ideas (private level)

7. 16/12/2011 7 Young women in Belgium Public Life: Access through education (Kemalism) Socio-economic promotion (Western society) Socio-cultural promotion: legitimate place in public life (Turkish community) positive connotation (kültürlü) social facilities Access through Islamist organisations opportunities to develop their skills => positive identity: women: fundamental to Islamic family values/ embody Islamic authenticity most appropriately to be part of world religion discourse of resistance

8. 16/12/2011 8 Young women in Belgium Private life: Within confines of ‘traditional frames’ Confrontation with socio-familial praxis of western women Considered to be different Anxious to be misunderstood/ to look ‘backwards’

9. 16/12/2011 9 II. NEWCOMERS Settled immigrants: preference for bride/bridegroom from the country of origin family loyalties disappointment in local Turkish youth: “too western” feeling “uncomfortable” in western society in search of an “authentic” culture Newcomers: Looking for social and economic emancipation

10. 16/12/2011 10 Male newcomers Role inversion (local Islam/Kemalism) depending on family in law no work no skills to manage public life BUT: do not take up ‘female jobs‘ => a double workload for the wife => emptiness for the man

11. 16/12/2011 11 Female newcomers no role inversion: completely depending on family in law social isolation potential abuse Newcomers: challenge the gender roles being inadequate for coping with this new reality

12. 16/12/2011 12 Concluding remarks For men: public life: threatened by surrounding society Private life: comfortable heaven but threatened by surrounding society For women: Public life: difficult access Private life: in conflict with values of mainstream society

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