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Data Management at Sites Using the GAIN and ABS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Management Panel Joint Meeting on Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness March 27-29, 2006 Baltimore, MD Melissa Ives, GAIN Coordinating Center, CHS; Jennifer Eckert, EAT-Red Bank, NJ Gillian Leichtling, EAT-Portland, OR Celica Mireles-ART, TCE, EAT, DC-Laredo, TX

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Presentation Transcript
Data management panel l.jpg
Data Management Panel

Joint Meeting on

Adolescent Treatment Effectiveness

March 27-29, 2006

Baltimore, MD

Melissa Ives, GAIN Coordinating Center, CHS;

Jennifer Eckert, EAT-Red Bank, NJ

Gillian Leichtling, EAT-Portland, OR

Celica Mireles-ART, TCE, EAT, DC-Laredo, TX

Sara Becker & Christina Sanchez, EAT-Durham, NC

Goals l.jpg
Goals …

  • Explain

    • What a Data Manager does

    • What happens to your data after it is collected from the client until it is returned to your site as an SPSS file,

    • Where to get more information or help

  • Present successful strategies sites are using to insure their data is at its best, and

  • Work together to develop strategies for sites to take home to improve their local data process.

The plan l.jpg
The Plan…

  • Overview of Data Management: Melissa Ives

  • Presentations by site DMs

    • Small site handling everything:

      • Jennifer Eckert (EAT-Red Bank)

    • Agency with an external evaluator:

      • Gillian Leichtling (EAT-Portland)

    • Agency with multiple study grants:

      • Celica Mireles (ART, TCE/HIV, EAT, DC-Laredo)

    • University affiliation and New DM Transition:

      • Sara Becker and Christina Sanchez (EAT-Durham)

  • Discussion and questions

Data management role l.jpg
Data Management Role

  • Manages ABS on site:

    • Assures that ABS data are uploaded to main ABS Server,

    • Lookup table management,

    • User accounts, passwords management,

    • Assigns groups for HIPAA access to a case,

    • Has access to all cases in an ABS database.

  • Assures GAIN Record Log (GRL) data and reports (FUL, TTL) are accurate and complete.

  • Coordinates ABS User training.

Data management role5 l.jpg
Data Management Role

  • Responsible for data integrity on site: Reviews data quality; assures that expected records have been entered.

  • Liaison with CHS regarding all data submissions and edits.

    • Responsible for responding to data anomalies identified by GCC Data Team;

    • Exports, zips and passwords the data (GAIN, TxSI, GRL); posts the files to the FTP site (requires username/password available from CHS).

  • Liaison with organization’s IT/MIS department and/or ABS administrator as applicable.

  • What happens to your data at chs l.jpg
    What happens to your data at CHS

    • Site data files (ABS) are imported into SPSS for inspection and preliminary cleaning.

    • Feedback to sites on ABS data is provided monthly using GAINEdits.xls.

    • Cleaned datasets from each site are combined by project on a quarterly basis for transformation into raw, edited, analytic, and summary (SPSS) datasets available to sites.

    Data processing what chs does l.jpg
    Data Processing (What CHS does)

    • Data are checked for obvious problems.

      • Unexpected responses (age < 10, weight <50)

      • Too many missing for CORE items

    • Locally skipped items set to –3 through SPSS syntax if needed.

    • Missing values are replaced if necessary.

    • -9s set to logical value (usually 0).

    • Scales & additional variables are computed.

    • Data are checked to be sure records received match records expected.

    Gainedits file why l.jpg
    GAINEdits file: Why…?

    • The purposes of the GAINEdits file are:

      • to inform the site of questionable values and suggested changes and/or questions about exported ABS data so the site's data can be corrected, and

      • to inform CHS of the site's response to the questions and suggested edits so listings won't be sent repeatedly.

    • We try to send only those edits that were not corrected per your site responses in the returned GAIN Edits file. If you have not added site responses and/or returned the GAIN Edits file, you will continue to receive the same edits repeatedly.

    Gainedits what do i do l.jpg
    GAINEdits: What do I do…?

    • Site Responses -- At the site, you need to:

      • determine if our suggestions are correct or determine what changes are needed (for yellow-highlighted cells or if the suggestion is not correct), then

      • MAKE these changes in ABS, and

      • indicate in the 'Site Response' column what changes were made. This can be as simple as "OK", or "No-change to _(fill it in)_" or more detailed if necessary.

      • Once the edits have been made and the GAINEdits file updated, please save the GAINEdits file with a new name—by adding one word (e.g. "GAINedits_##_0306reply.xls“).

      • Post the Excel file to the FTP site at (and notify [email protected])

    Dm training and support 1 l.jpg
    DM Training and Support (1)

    • New Data Managers will receive support and training through a Data Manager call with the GCC Data Team to insure the procedures and documentation are locally available and understood and to answer any questions. (any DM may request a call at any time)

    • Specific details on local data submission are determined by the site in coordination with the GCC Data Team.

    • ABS training is provided at GAIN Trainings. ABS Site Management and ABS User manuals are provided at GAIN Trainings or by request.

    Data manager call topics l.jpg
    Data Manager Call Topics

    • Is DM also ABS Admin?

    • Is there a separate evaluator? Is PI at the site? What is communication with PI/Site/Evaluator like?

    • Is DSA completed to allow submission of data?

    • Is ABS installed? Are there any questions?

    • Can DM access APSS site?

    • Has DM accessed APSS site?

    Data manager call topics14 l.jpg
    Data Manager Call Topics

    • Does DM have/has DM read:

      • GRL Memo

      • GRL FAQs

      • TxSI Instructions/FAQs

      • Multisite Collaboration Guidelines (PI needs to have read these too)

      • Data Submission Memo

  • Has DM accessed FTP Common site?

    • Follow-up windows and expectations?

    • Definition of XCHK is entered?

  • Data manager call topics15 l.jpg
    Data Manager Call Topics

    • Data submission issues

      • Data Submission password?

      • Current GRL? GRL update process? Where to save the current GRL?

      • Use of the GPRA tool and the GPRA website?

      • Is WinZip installed at the site? What version?

      • Does DM have FTP site password?

    • Has DM tried to access FTP site, does DM know to

      • Remove files we post?

      • Names other than our standard names for files when they post? (, GAINEdits_##_mmyy.xls,

    Dm training and support 2 l.jpg
    DM Training and Support (2)

    • Documentation for Data Managers is provided on the APSS website and/or the FTP Common site.

      • Data Submission Memo

      • GRL Memo, GRL FAQs, GRL Sample

      • Follow-up windows graphic

      • Definition of XCHK

      • Commonly misspelled drug names

      • SPSS instructions, syntax and .tpf files

      • Meeting Minutes and Reports

      • Instruments, instructions and manuals

      • GI Scales and Variables (a.k.a. Electronic Encyclopedia)

    Ftp common site l.jpg

    GRL Memo and GRL FAQs

    Adolescent Job codes for V5b

    SPSS Template file to read in exported data

    FTP Common Site

    Misspelled Drug Names

    Definition of XCHK

    Instructions to read ABS Export into SPSS

    Description of Files

    Follow-up Windows Graphic

    Includes a copy of the GAIN-I Scales and Variables file

    SPSS Syntax to create GAIN-I scales

    Dm training and support 3 l.jpg
    DM Training and Support (3)

    • E-mail support for questions

      • Data submission, GRL or SPSS/Analyses

        • [email protected]

      • ABS functioning

        • [email protected]

      • GAIN instrument or Quality Assurance

        • [email protected]

    Site presentations l.jpg

    Site Presentations

    • 1. Small site handling everything:

      • Jennifer Eckert (EAT-Red Bank)

  • 2. Agency with an external evaluator:

    • Gillian Leichtling (EAT-Portland)

  • 3. Agency with multiple study grants:

    • Celica Mireles (ART,TCE/HIV, EAT2, DC-Laredo)

  • 4. University affiliation and New DM transition:

    • Sarah Becker and Christina Sanchez (EAT-Durham)

  • Keys to great data management l.jpg
    Keys to Great Data Management

    • Use a local tracking system to manage data flow—KEEP GOOD CHARTS and RECORDS!

    • Know the local data flow and expectations.

    • Make sure you have the current versions of everything.

    • Make use of available documentation and resources.

    • Take breaks, eat lunch, know when to step away!

    • Make data corrections monthly (GAINEdits) and use information to guide training.

    • Provide adequate and ongoing staff training

    • Check and double check data (Validity Report, dates, client lists) frequently.

    • COMMUNICATE with each other and with CHS! Ask questions!

    • Organize, Organize, Organize!

    Presentation url and contacts l.jpg
    Presentation URL and Contacts


    • Melissa Ives: [email protected]

    • 1) Jennifer Eckert: [email protected]

    • 2) Gillian Leichtling: [email protected]

    • 3) Celica Mireles: [email protected]

    • 4) Sara Becker: [email protected]

    • 4) Christina Sanchez: [email protected]