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Can Industry Profile July 27-28 2006 Janet Hill Research Historical Job Creation Manufacturing Decline Nominal Wage Increases Upward Trend Increased $.08 since May Grew 4.5% over the first quarter Uneven Distribution of Real Wage Increases 2005

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Can industry profile l.jpg

Can Industry Profile

July 27-28 2006

Janet Hill

Nominal wage increases l.jpg
Nominal Wage Increases

  • Upward Trend

  • Increased $.08 since May

  • Grew 4.5% over the first quarter

Uneven distribution of real wage increases 2005 l.jpg
Uneven Distribution of Real Wage Increases 2005

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey

Consumer prices l.jpg
Consumer Prices

  • Up by .4% in May

  • Up by 4.3% from May 2005.

  • Over past 3 months has risen at a rate of 5.7%

Manufacturing productivity l.jpg
Manufacturing Productivity

Productivity since 1998 up 43.7%

Uneven sharing of productivity increases l.jpg
Uneven Sharing of Productivity Increases

*Data are through 2005 quarter 2;quarter 3 data were not included because of the Hurricane Katrina

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis , NIPA and January 27, 2006 EPI Issue Brief

Top global consumer packaging firms l.jpg

Tetra- Pak


Crown Holdings


Top Global Consumer Packaging Firms

Top 4 only have 15% of the global market

Competition l.jpg

  • Inter-industry in food and beverage cans.

  • Other materials

Packaging trends l.jpg
Packaging trends

  • Flexible packaging such as pouches is taking the place of cans.

  • Aseptic paperboard packaging is taking place of cans.

  • Plastic bottles/cans are taking place of metal.

Slide14 l.jpg

BeverageCans: 220 Billion+ Can Market

114 Bn

38 Bn

14 Bn

7 Bn

7 Bn

12 Bn

24 Bn

United States

Per capita consumption: 400 cans


Per capita consumption: 73 cans

Rest of World

Per capita consumption: 15 cans

Source: Aluminum Can Council Presentation

Perceptions of containers on key qualities l.jpg

Chilling beverages

Convenient storage

On sale frequently

Easy to carry

Easily recycled

Lowest price


Keeping drink fresh

Easily resealed

Perceptions Of Containers On Key Qualities

Source: Aluminum Can Council Presentation

Importance of container qualities l.jpg

Keeps drink fresh/carbonated

Lowest price

Frequently on sale

Environmentally good

Easily resealed

Convenient storage

Easily recycled

Easy to carry

Chills drink fastest

Importance Of Container Qualities

Source: Aluminum Can Council Presentation

Groups most likely to prefer cans l.jpg

Why are you more likelyto buy sodas in cans?

Cheaper, on sale

Easier to carry, hold

Size, indiv. serving

Easily recycled














Groups Most Likely To Prefer Cans

Source: Aluminum Can Council Presentation

U s metal plastic glass container beer csd l.jpg
U.S. Metal, Plastic, & Glass Container – Beer & CSD

Source: Western Container Crop. Presentation at PET Strategies 2003

Beverage packaging l.jpg
Beverage Packaging

  • 45%+ of all Consumer Soft Drinks (CSD) in the world are packaged in cans.

  • 30%+ of all Beer in the world is packaged in cans

Cmi beverage can shipment data soft drinks beer 1993 2004 l.jpg
CMI Beverage Can Shipment Data Soft Drinks & Beer 1993-2004

Source: Aluminum Can Council Presentation

Consumer soft drinks and non carbonated trends l.jpg
Consumer Soft Drinks And Non Carbonated Trends

  • Energy drinks are continuing their growth

  • Diet consumer soft drinks continue to grow.

  • Innovation seen as key to beverage growth.

Beer trends l.jpg
Beer Trends

  • Imports, lights and malt alternatives essentially accounted for all the growth in the beer market in 2004 and 2005.

  • Light beer overtaking regular

  • Beer imports continue to rise

Consumer preference for cans l.jpg
Consumer Preference for Cans

  • Food safety top packaging concern for 92%

  • Maintaining Nutrients – 80%

  • Ease of Storage – 78%

  • Metal Cans perceived as most tamper resistant by 68% of customers.

Source: Can Manufacturers Institute Presentation

Crowns and closures l.jpg
Crowns And Closures

  • Global Market

  • Plastic is taking place of metal

    • Lower production cost

    • Tamper proof packaging

    • Better Printability

Can and closure innovations l.jpg
Can and Closure Innovations

  • Easy open lids. Projected to be over two thirds of the US market by 2008

  • Microwaveable cans

  • Self Heating cans

  • Self Cooling cans

  • Closures- From metal closures on glass bottles to plastic closures on plastic bottles