Avoid dcom and tunnel across firewalls and networks
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avoid dcom and tunnel across firewalls and networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Avoid DCOM and Tunnel Across Firewalls and Networks. OPC DA Tunnelling PC to PC without DCOM Encryption between systems Across Firewall though single port. Presenters: Kevin Rutherford, Senior Applications Engineer Colin Winchester, VP Operations.

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Avoid dcom and tunnel across firewalls and networks l.jpg
Avoid DCOM and Tunnel Across Firewalls and Networks

  • OPC DA Tunnelling

    • PC to PC without DCOM

    • Encryption between systems

    • Across Firewall though single port


Kevin Rutherford, Senior Applications Engineer

Colin Winchester, VP Operations

Opc tunneling and data aggregation with opc datahub l.jpg
OPC Tunneling and Data Aggregation with OPC DataHub


  • Overview of the OPC Data Hub

  • OPC Data Aggregation - Why & How?

  • OPC Tunneling – How?

  • Live Demo – Tunneling & Logging Remote Data to ODBC Database

  • Additional Application Examples

  • Questions & Answers

Opc data hub functionality overview l.jpg
OPC Data HubFunctionality Overview


Opc data aggregation what is aggregation l.jpg

1 to N OPC Clients

(i.e. HMI/SCADA)



OPC Data Aggregation What Is Aggregation?

  • Bringing together data from multiple sources

  • Data sources don’t all have to be OPC servers!

Aggregating to a Single Computer

Multiple & Varied

Data Sources

Opc data aggregation why aggregate l.jpg
OPC Data AggregationWhy Aggregate?

  • Insure common, consistent update rate

  • Limit # of OPC connections

  • Bring disparate data sources together (OPC, DDE, ODBC)

  • Overcome OPC server limitations

  • Overcome OPC client limitations

  • Reduce network traffic

  • Improve system performance

  • Save money on OPC client & server licensing with some applications!

What is tunneling opc tunneling l.jpg
What is Tunneling? OPC Tunneling

  • Moving OPC Data via simple TCP/IP port connection

  • Eliminating DCOM and Expanding Data Transport Choices

Computer #1

Computer #2

Opc tunneling why tunnel l.jpg
OPC TunnelingWhy Tunnel?

  • No DCOM!

  • No Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)

  • Handles Network Interruptions

  • Handles Low-bandwidth networks

  • Improve System Performance & Reliability

  • Reduce Network Traffic

  • Remove Firewall Issues

  • Connecting to Non-Windows Systems

How does opc da communicate between pc s l.jpg

PC – 1 OPC Client

COM run-time

COM run-time

OPC Client





How Does OPC DA communicate between PC’s

  • An OPC Client connects to an OPC Server through COM

  • An OPC Client connecting to an OPC Server on a different machine connects through DCOM and must be authenticated.

I want to connect to you

Tell me your login name and password!

My user name is “fred” and password is “*****”

Let me check my Access Control List….

PC – 2 OPC Server

Yes, you are on my list… I will grant you access!

OPC Server

Opc tunneling why tunnel with datahub l.jpg
OPC TunnelingWhy Tunnel with DataHub?

  • No DCOM! Or RPC – Easy to configure

  • Remove Firewall Issues – single port

  • Network Interruptions – more then DCOM

    • Heartbeat and reconnect settings

  • Low-bandwidth or Reduce Network Traffic

    • No polling

    • Single connection for multiple tunnels

  • Improve System Performance & Reliability

    • Mirrors data – both side share data

      • Clients connected to OPC DataHub always get an answer

    • Non-blocking calls

Opc tunneling why tunnel with datahub10 l.jpg
OPC Tunneling Why Tunnel with DataHub?

  • Increase Data security (passwords & SSL)

  • Connecting to Non-Windows Systems

  • Multiple clients on same PC,

    • still one remote connection to remote OPC sources, managed by OPC DataHub

  • OPC DataHub tunnels DATA

    • Any data source – OPC DA, DDE, ODBC

    • Any data that DataHub can read.

Opc tunneling why tunnel with datahub11 l.jpg
OPC Tunneling Why Tunnel with DataHub?

  • Other Tunnellers

    • Tunnel commands at the OPC protocol level and can only tunnel OPC Data!

    • Make connected clients wait on network timeouts

    • Multiple clients on same PC talking to remote OPC server = multiple connections

Other approaches l.jpg
Other Approaches

  • VPN

    • Does not solve

      • DCOM, Network stability, bandwidth and crossing domains


    • Not secure, more over head, not for high speed, limited products, OPC UA

  • OPC UA

    • Requires all products to support it

    • DataHub will add this

3 steps to tunneling with opc datahub l.jpg
3 Steps to Tunneling with OPC DataHub

  • Step 2: Connect Master to Slave

  • Step 1: Connect Master to OPC Server

  • Step 3: Connect OPC Client to Slave

Opc aggregation tunnelling l.jpg
OPC Aggregation &Tunnelling

  • Live Demonstration

Laptop PC

Desktop PC

Aggregation tunneling additional application examples l.jpg
Aggregation & TunnelingAdditional Application Examples

Aggregating & Tunneling to MES/ERP Systems

Aggregation Consolidates Plant Floor Data

Tunneling gets it to the front office

ODBC, API’s, DDE, Scripting, TCP/IP Available to tie in to MES/ERP

Aggregation tunneling additional application examples16 l.jpg
Aggregation & TunnelingAdditional Application Examples

Aggregating & Tunneling OPC, Linux, ODBC and Excel!

Pull data from OPC Server Locally

Tunneled data to and from remote Linux Server – or any OS

ODBC Database connections to Database Server

All data pulled together in DataHub, charted in Excel with drag+drop


OPC Server


Aggregation tunneling additional application examples17 l.jpg






TOP ServerInTouch to OPC Driver


Aggregation & TunnelingAdditional Application Examples

Tunneling to Bring HMI/SCADA Data Where You Need It

Aggregate data when needed

Tunneling to get the data where you need it

Web Interface Serves the data where & how you want it

ODBC, API’s, DDE, Scripting, TCP/IP to do what you want!

Factory Floor

Front Office

Standard TCP/IP Single Port Connections


What tools are needed l.jpg
What Tools are Needed?

  • For all usage scenarios

    • No tag count limits

    • No limits on # of clients, # of servers used with a single DataHub

  • Aggregation on a Single PC – 1 DataHub License - $995

  • Aggregation + Tunnelling Scenario – 2 DataHub licenses (one per PC) - $1990

  • Demo site will pop-up after this presentation:

  • http://www.softwaretoolbox.com/opcdatahub/html/free_demo.shtml

Contact information other learning opportunities l.jpg
Contact Information & Other Learning Opportunities

  • Questions later?

    • [email protected]

    • [email protected]

    • 888-665-3678 or 704-849-2773

  • www.softwaretoolbox.com/opcdatahub

  • Other learning opportunities

    • www.softwaretoolbox.com/opcdatahub and click on Videos/Training

    • Visit www.softwaretoolbox.com/webinars