Aimee caroline christoph etienne hitomi leslie manuela
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Aimee Caroline Christoph Etienne Hitomi Leslie Manuela PowerPoint PPT Presentation

thefilmstrip. @. hollywood. Aimee Caroline Christoph Etienne Hitomi Leslie Manuela. Goals for Hollywood Boulevard. Working on the Boulevard. Showcasing the Boulevard. Create a center for culture, arts and technology. Most attractive site for cinema.

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Aimee Caroline Christoph Etienne Hitomi Leslie Manuela

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Aimee caroline christoph etienne hitomi leslie manuela











Goals for hollywood boulevard

Goals for Hollywood Boulevard

Working on the Boulevard

Showcasing the Boulevard

Create a center for culture, arts and technology

Most attractive site for cinema

Promote sustainable business development

Expand educational opportunities

Promote past, present and future components of Hollywood

Create a sense of place

Preserve the history of Hollywood

Find a balance between the needs of locals and outsiders

Attract people

Develop a destination for leisure

Develop place for people to make their living

Create an environment in which people can enjoy their daily activities

Living on the Boulevard

Target audiences




Target Audiences

  • Locals

     Offer functions of life needed in close proximity to home

     Offer reasons to come back after work, easy access to transportation

     Create atmosphere for sustainable business and transportation

     Create a unique entertainment & shopping district/destination

  • Tourists

     Meet and exceed expectations  Provide insight in the history and future of cinema Create a vibrant and pleasant urban atmosphere

  • Business Development

     Develop an attractive and unique marketplace  Establish a roundtable to promote and represent the stakeholders’ needs

     Create an urban destination for both nightly and daily entertainment

Showcasing thefilmstrip@hollywood conceptual elements

Showcasing [email protected] – Conceptual Elements –

  • Public art competitions- street furniture- wayfare signage- gateway etc.

  • Glass cases displaying artifacts

  • Big screens projecting scenes- computer generated messages onto screens- video camera displaying street scene

  • Interactive museum

Showcasing thefilmstrip@hollywood conceptual elements1

Showcasing [email protected] – Conceptual Elements –

Events- lectures

- outdoor festivals

- farmers’ market

- artist festival

- inaugural events

- tour bus arrival: red carpet

Showcasing thefilmstrip@hollywood physical elements

Showcasing [email protected] – Physical Elements –

  • Narrow the street

    - convert Hollywood Blvd to 2 lanes, one in each direction- create a meridian for pedestrians (cafes, patios, art, etc.)

  • Invent rickshaw / bicycle lane

    - create a stylized pavement lane along the meridian

  • Develop parks / plazas

    - pocket parks, small green spaces

  • Promote cafes

  • Establish visitors bureau / information kiosk

Working on thefilmstrip@hollywood

Working on [email protected]

  • Restrict / encourage certain types of establishments

  • Establish roundtable of stakeholders for implementation

  • Develop a marketing strategy focusing on film

  • Promote residential businesses (grocery stores, barbers etc.)

  • Revitalize the older theaters

    (e.g. museum, community theater)

  • Increase educational opportunities (e.g. universities’ extension, community outreach, etc.)

Living on thefilmstrip@hollywood

Living on [email protected]

  • Enhance community involvement

  • Support and develop housing

    - affordable housing, market rates houses- mixed use projects (retail/residential)

    - homeownership

    - senior citizen housing

  • Encourage stores catering to local community

  • Adapt transportation

    - parking permitted streets

    - metro use

Summarizing the filmstrip@hollywood

Summarizing the [email protected]

Create a sense of place and attract people by …… highlighting film as entertainment;… promoting “cutting edge” technology;… creating a pedestrian-friendly entertainment district;… revitalizing the urban fabric;… creating a unique business environment;… supporting local community development;… establishing an organizational structure to make our vision come true.




Final remark

Final remark!

This is the “unknown vegetable” – a kohlrabi!

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