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Pickup anywhere overview
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Pickup Anywhere overview. Based on Alliance Borrowing Day presentation by Pam Mofjeld, III and OhioLINK documentation Some slides courtesy of III and OhioLINK. Why?. To expand our services to distance learners and others not located near their home campuses. Pickup Anywhere.

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Pickup Anywhere overview

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Pickup anywhere overview

Pickup Anywhereoverview

Based on Alliance Borrowing Day presentation by Pam Mofjeld, III and OhioLINK documentation

Some slides courtesy of III and OhioLINK

Pickup anywhere overview


To expand our services to distance learners and others not located near their home campuses.

Pickup anywhere

Pickup Anywhere

  • Patrons place requests to pickup the item at any authorized pickup desk.

  • System puts Pickup Anywhere (PUA) requests in a separate PUA database at Central.

  • Member sites have “key” to access their PUA transactions in the PUA database.

  • Transactions are recorded and managed on patron record.

    • Patron’s library manages transaction to completion

Pickup anywhere transactions

Pickup Anywhere transactions

Borrowing site(patron)

Owning site (item)

Summit (“central”)

new: a separate database at Central for Pickup Anywhere transactions

Pickup Anywhere site



Patron places request, chooses a pickup location, then:

  • Owning site pages item

  • Owning site: checkout and send item to pickup site (1st checkout)

  • Pickup location receives the item (1st checkin) and Patron is notified item is available

  • Patron checks out the item from pickup location (2nd checkout)

  • Patron returns the item (2nd checkin)

  • Pickup location checks item in using Pickup Anywhere module and returns it to Owning Site

  • Owning site checks in the item (final checkin)




  • searches, requests and authenticates as usual

  • selects pickup location from any circulation desk designated by the member site for Pickup Anywhere

Pickup anywhere overview

example: patron is associated with Wright State U.

Pickup anywhere overview

example: patron chooses pickup location at Ohio University

Pickup anywhere overview

  • system reports that item will be sent

    • from owning site Ohio State U

    • to pickup location “Athens/Alden” at Ohio Univ. (for patron from Wright State U.)

Pickup anywhere overview

patron record showing Pickup location

Pickup locations local options vs pickup anywhere

Pickup locations for your patrons

Includes all pickup locations as usual

example: UW has 24 pickup locations to serve UW patrons

Pickup locations for other Alliance patrons

The list will include only pickup locations where you want to process PUA transactions for other patrons

example: UW will check out “pickup anywhere” items to patrons at only 3 locations, not all 24

Pickup locations: local options vs. pickup anywhere

Owning site processing

Owning Site processing

  • Print paging slips for Pickup Anywhere (separate file)

  • Retrieve items from shelf

  • Check out items to pickup sites, package and send

    • add Pickup Anywhere identification such as a sticker

Pickup anywhere overview

Paging slip: separate file. Same as regular paging slip except new text added at top: ***PICKUP ANYWHERE REQUEST ***

Pickup site processing

Pickup Site processing

  • receive item using PUA module

    • patron notification is sent to patron by patron site

  • place item on Holdshelf

  • check out item to patron using PUA module

  • patron can return item to any Alliance site

  • check in item using PUA module

  • return to owning site

Pickup anywhere overview

From the main task bar, Click on the Pickup Anywhere icon.

Pickup anywhere overview

… enter barcode,

… and click the search box

Click on the Receive Item icon in the task bar menu,

Pickup anywhere overview

Select item from list,

then click on Process box.

Pickup anywhere overview

Item status changed from shipped to received.

Pickup anywhere overview

To view the item on the Holdshelf, click on the Holdshelf icon from the INN-Reach Pickup Anywhere menu.

Pickup anywhere overview

enter patron name in the box,

then click on the Search box.

To check out the item to the patron, click on the Check -Out icon from the Pickup Anywhere task bar menu,

Pickup anywhere overview

then click on the Process button.

Check the item(s) you want to check out,

A list of items attached to the patron will appear.

Pickup anywhere overview

Item is now checked out to patron.

Pickup anywhere overview

then enter item barcode.

click on the Return Item icon in Pickup Anywhere task bar,

To return Pickup Anywhere item:

Pickup anywhere overview

then click Process button.

Item now displayed: Check item to be returned,

Pickup anywhere overview

Item status now “Returned”

Pickup anywhere overview

Final checkin at Owning Site:

Check in item using Check-In from the Main task bar menu.



  • Pickup Anywhere site must be using MilCirc (version 5 or later)

  • Java enabled browsers

Other considerations

Other considerations

Pickup Anywhere and Same Site Requesting (Request at Own Site)

To allow patrons to request items owned by the home institution and pick them up at another: contact III to enable “Same Site Requesting” which allows it for all requests, local as well as Summit Borrowing.

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