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LAB 3. TA: Hu-Hsi Yeh( 葉護熺 ) Date: 2005 3/21 E-mail: [email protected] Outline. I/O driven IRQ Lab questions. Handshaking. I/O Driven. Busy waiting DMA (Direct Memory Access) Interrupt. I/O Driven.

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Lab 3


TA: Hu-Hsi Yeh(葉護熺)

Date: 2005 3/21

E-mail:[email protected]


  • I/O driven

  • IRQ

  • Lab questions


I o driven
I/O Driven

  • Busy waiting

  • DMA (Direct Memory Access)

  • Interrupt

I o driven1
I/O Driven

  • Busy waitingKeep asking I/O device if they have data to transfer or not.

I o driven2
I/O Driven

  • DMA (Direct Memory Access)Short for DMA, a technique for transferring data from main memory to a device without passing it through the CPU.

I o driven3
I/O Driven

  • IRQ( Interrupt Request)

  • Some hardware need some methods to call the process of CPU. But there should be some order and priority.

Irq conflicts
IRQ Conflicts

  • There are few IRQ numbers open, but we still have a lot of devices such as USB, AGP, PCI, RAID, SATA, LAN, 1394.

  • Solution: We have to share IRQ numbers. It depends on each motherboard.

Assign a irq number
Assign a IRQ Number

  • In win98 & win MEclick “系統” and open “裝置管理員”

  • In win 2k & win XPthe same but...........

Plug and play pnp
Plug-and-Play (PnP)

  • Plug-and-Play automatically tells the software (device drivers) where to find various pieces of hardware (devices) such as modems, network cards, sound cards, etc.

Plug and play pnp1
Plug-and-Play (PnP)

  • PnP allocates the following "bus-resources" to both drivers and hardware: I/O addresses, memory regions, IRQs, DMA channels (ISA bus only).

Lab question1
Lab Question1

  • What are the IRQ numbers for yours devices?

Lab question2
Lab Question2

  • How to change keyboard’s repeat delay and repeat rate?

Lab question3
Lab Question3

  • How to setup/add/switch input methods?