Brave new world jeopardy
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Brave New World Jeopardy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brave New World Jeopardy. Mustapha Mond vs. Jon the Savage. General. Lenina. Linda. Bernard. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500.

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Brave New World Jeopardy

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Brave New World Jeopardy


Mond vs. Jon the Savage






























100 Question from GeneralWhat’s the name of the process that allows the Hatchery to produce many clones from a single egg?

100 Answer from General

The Bokanovsky Process

200 Question from General What were the children conditioned to dislike by sounding alarms and shocking the children when they approach them?

200 Answer from General

Books and Flowers

300 Question from GeneralWhat two lessons were the children in the Nursery learning during the boys’ tour of the Hatchery?

300 Answer from General

sex and soma (elementary)

400 Questions from GeneralWhat is the sleep teaching process known as?

400 Answer from General

Bokonovsky’s Process

500 Question for General What is the motto of the world state?

500 Answer from General

Community, Identity, Stability

100 Question from LeninaWhere does she go on a date with Bernard?

100 Answer from Lenina

A “savage” reservation.

200 Question from LeninaWhy does Fanny try to convince Lenina to be more promiscuous?

200 Answer from Lenina

Because “every one belongs to every one else” .

300 Question from LeninaWhy is Lenina disgusted by Linda?

300 Answer from Lenina

Because she aged naturally, became fat, lost teeth, and is dirty.

400 Question from LeninaWhy does Lenina think Jon the savage doesn’t like her after their date to the feelies?

400 Answer from Lenina

At the end of their date Jon just says bye and she expects them to have sex.

500 Question from Lenina What does Lenina do after the savage tells her he loves her?

500 Answer from Lenina

She takes her clothes off and think they are suppose to have sex now.

100 Question from Mustapha Mond vs. Jon the SavageHow does Jon the Savage get in trouble?

100 Answer from Mustapha Mond vs. John the Savage

He throws out soma out the window and tells the children in the hospital that Brave New World is messed up.

200 Question from Mustapha Mond vs. John the SavageWhat writer does John the Savage believe is great and full of knowledge?

200 Answer from Mustapha Mond vs. John the Savage


300 Question from Mustapha Mond vs. John the SavageWhat are 3 the positives of Brave new world?

300 Answer from Mustapha Mond vs. John the Savage

soma, not being afraid of death, ignorant of passion, permanent happiness

400 Question from Mustapha Mond vs. John the SavageWhy is Bernard not backing up John the Savage?

400 Answer from Mustapha Mond vs. John the Savage

Because they are going to send him to ice land and he is very scared.

500 Question from Mustapha Mond vs. John the SavageLiving in Brave New World what two things are the people giving up for happiness?

500 Answer from Mustapha Mond vs. John the Savage

Truth (realness)


100 Question from LindaWho is Linda?

100 Answer from Linda

She is Jon the Savage’s mother

200 Question from LindaWhy does the Indian women whip Linda?

200 Answer from Linda

Because she slept with the women’s husbands and they hate her for it.

300 Question from LindaWhat happens when Linda and Jon go to Brave New World?

300 Answer from Linda

Jon finds out the DHC is his father and he gets very excited. Everyone is shocked. This completely humiliates the Director.

400 Question from LindaHow does Linda die?

400 Answer from Linda

She has a soma overdose

500 Question from LindaHow does Linda actions effect Jon the Savage and his relationship with Lenina?

500 Answer from Linda

It makes him disgusted with how Lenina shows her affection for Jon by taking her clothes off and being dirty like his mother. ( Lenina thinking that they have to have sex if they like each other)

100 Question from BernardWhat was wrong with Bernard in the beginning of the book?

100 Answer from Bernard

He felt rejected by society, wasn’t like the rest (didn’t like soma).

200 Question from BernardWhy does Bernard befriend Jon the Savage and what happens when he does?

200 Answer from Bernard

Because everyone likes Jon and he wants people to like him. He suddenly becomes popular.

300 Question from BernardWhat happens when Bernard throws a party?

300 Answer from Bernard

He tells people that Jon the Savage will be there so all the people come but than Jon does not show up. The people are mad but stay to eat the food.

400 Question from BernardWhat does Bernard do when Jon the Savage needs help after getting in trouble?

400 Answer from Bernard

He says he had absolutely nothing to do with it and acts like he isn’t even friends with Jon the Savage.

500 Question from Bernard Why is John and Helmholtz sympathetic to him towards Bernard (although they don’t have respect for him?

500 Answer from Bernard

Because they recognize that Bernard is trapped in a body where his conditioning has not suited him.

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