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The recycling solution for manufacturers and marketers of rechargeable batteries and products containing them. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IF IT’S RECHARGEABLE, IT’S RECYCLABLE. IF IT’S RECHARGEABLE, IT’S RECYCLABLE. The recycling solution for manufacturers and marketers of rechargeable batteries and products containing them. The recycling solution for manufacturers and marketers of rechargeable batteries and

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The recycling solution for manufacturers and marketers of rechargeable batteries and products containing them.

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The recycling solution for

manufacturers and marketers

of rechargeable batteries and

products containing them.

The recycling solution for

manufacturers and marketers

of rechargeable batteries and

products containing them.



Who is RBRC?

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) is a non-profit, public service organization that…

  • Operates rechargeable battery collection and recycling programs throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • Provides easy collection, transportation, and recycling solutions for manufacturers, marketers and collectors of rechargeable batteries.

  • Educates users about the benefits of recycling rechargeable batteries through effective marketing and PR programs.

  • Environmentally friendly – meets state and federal battery recycling mandates.

Who is RBRC?

We provide and encourage:

  • Participation by manufacturers and distributors throughout North America.

  • No-cost retail, community and public agency collection plans to collect and ship spent rechargeable batteries.

  • Business plan that encourages businesses to sort and ship rechargeable batteries – RBRC pays the cost of processing and recycling.

RBRC Expands Offering

If it’s Rechargeable, It’s Recyclable!

  • In 2001, RBRC expanded it’s recycling program to include all small rechargeable batteries, including:

  • • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)

  • • Lithium Ion (Li-ion)

  • • Small Sealed Lead* (Pb)

*RBRC will only accept small sealed lead portable rechargeable batteries weighing up to 2lbs/1kg each.

How the Program Works

Licensee Benefits

How do you benefit as an RBRC Licensee? RBRC provides:

  • A convenient, easy-to-implement solution

  • Compliance with state and provincial regulations and the federal 1996 Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Act

  • Visibility and accessibility to consumers with TV, radio and print promotion

  • A strong pro-environment image

  • Industry-wide participation:- 388 licensees- >90% of the rechargeable power industry

Licensees imprint RBRC Battery Recycling Seals onto battery packs.

A toll-free number on the seal lets end users locate the nearest drop-off locations in the U.S. and Canada.

It’s a Simple Process

Types of Recycling Plans

To fulfill the RBRC mission efficiently and effectively, RBRC offers the following recycling plans:

  • Retail

  • Community

  • Public Agency

  • Business

Educating Our Audiences

RBRC: Right for Retailers

  • Projects a strong environmental image

  • Provides an additional service to customers

  • Increases store traffic

  • Offers warranty control

  • Meets state legal requirements

Retail Recycling Plan

RBRC promotes recycling at over 30,000 retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

  • The program is simple and free to participating retailers

  • Toll-free help line and web site listing of retail participants

  • Retail Rechargeable Battery Collection Includes:- Collection containers – boxes and bags with adhesive seal- Pre-addressed, pre-paid freight- No charge to retailers—all absolutely free!

RBRC makes collecting rechargeable batteries easier than ever. The boxes are pre-assembled and include a bag dispenser—so bags are right where you need them.

Collection Materials

RBRC offers signage to help promote the rechargeable battery recycling program at retail collection sites.

Decals are available in 3 sizes and adhere to any surface.

Point-of-Sale Materials

Customized Support

National U.S. Retailers

National Canadian Retailers

Community Recycling Plan

RBRC promotes community and municipal recycling throughout the U.S. and Canada by:

  • Assisting local recycling coordinators

  • Encouraging community participation at no cost

  • Utilizing existing infrastructure to promote:

  • - Curbside collection

  • - Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection

  • - Recycling Centers – special events collection

  • Over 700 communities participate in the RBRC community recycling plan

Community Support

Business and Public Agency Recycling Plans

RBRC promotes recycling in businesses and public agencies by:

  • Assisting businesses and government agencies in the set-up and management of rechargeable battery recycling

  • Providing streamlined procedures for shipping batteries

  • Paying for processing and recycling. No cost for Public Agencies. Businesses only pay shipping costs

  • Over 2,500 businesses and public agencies participate in the RBRC program

Business, Community & Public Agency Participation

Program participation increases in targeted channels

Number of Participants

Business Communications

We reached over 80 million people with ads running in publications such as This Old House, Time, Parade, National Geographic, American Airlines ,Delta and Southwest Airline's in-flight magazines.

Consumer Promotions

RBRC Reaching Millions

  • RBRC’s television Public Service Announcement (PSA) features our corporate spokesperson Richard Karn, “Al” from TV’s Home Improvement. This commercial ran on NBC News, MSNBC, and Fox reaching over 125 million people.

Our integrated PR program supports and helps drive the marketing efforts.

In addition to distributing press releases and contributed articles to newspapers and magazines, we’ve also increased consumer awareness through satellite media tours and special events like Battery Check Day.

Public Relations

A valuable resource for all our audiences.

  • An online search engine allows consumers to find the battery drop-off location nearest them.

  • Businesses, communities, public agencies and retailers can sign up as a recycling program participant. Current partners can order additional communication materials, POS and recycling supplies.

  • Editors can download current press releases and photos.

  • Teachers can download a free lesson plan.

  • We even offer general program information in Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Where can I Recycle myRechargeable Batteries?

RBRC offers two easy ways to find the drop-off location nearest you.

  • Call 1-800-8-BATTERY, our toll-free help line.

  • Log on to to use the zip and postal code locator for U.S. and Canada.

  • The on-line locator displays all drop-off locations within a 25 mile radius.

  • The locator also displays a listing of national retail partners who accept rechargeable batteries for recycling.

27713 for Communities

Signing up is quick and easy for communities.

  • Fill out a short form including a community contact person and shipping information.

  • Choose how you would like to collect and ship your spent rechargeable batteries.

Program Milestones

Since 1995, RBRC has diverted over 17 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from public landfills.

  • If it’s rechargeable, it’s recyclable! Collecting all rechargeable battery chemistries since January 2001.

  • Signed up more than 30,000 U.S. and Canadian retail and community collection sites. That’s more than 1 site for every 10,000 residents!

  • Public education outreach generated over 335 million media impressions.

  • RBRC web site yielded as much as 19,900 hits per month.

  • Consumer help line averaged 11,900 calls each month.

Program Milestones

  • RBRC earned Home Depot’s “Environmental Partner of the Year” award, Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) Minimization Award, Anoka County Board of Commissioners certificate of appreciation, Recycling at Work Award, CCME Pollution Prevention Award, Keep America Beautiful National Award, and the Silver Inkwell 2000 Award of Merit.

  • Fourth annual Battery Check Day generated over 13 million media impressions.

  • Canadian program expanded to include collection and recycling for municipalities, businesses and public agencies.

  • Communities and Public Agencies participate at no cost.

Total Rechargeable Batteries

RBRC increased collection of all rechargeable batteries by 12% in 2002.

Millions of Pounds

Other Rechargeable Batteries Recycled by RBRC




RBRC Battery Recycling Seals







*RBRC will only accept small sealed lead portable rechargeable batteries weighing up to 2lbs/1Kg each.

Need more information?

If you have more questions or would like to become a participant, please contact RBRC directly:

  • RBRC1000 Parkwood CircleSuite 450Atlanta, GA USA 30339

  • 678-419-9990 phone


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