summative assessment lesson planning
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Summative Assessment Lesson Planning

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Summative Assessment Lesson Planning. Universal Design for Learning. Summative Assessment. Summative assessment is a process that concerns final evaluation to ask if the project or program met its goals.

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summative assessment lesson planning

Summative AssessmentLesson Planning

Universal Design for Learning

summative assessment
Summative Assessment

Summative assessment is a process that concerns final evaluation to ask if the project or program met its goals.

Typically the summative evaluation concentrates on learner outcomes rather than only the program of instruction.

It is a means to determine a student’s mastery and understanding of information, skills, concepts, or processes.

Summative assessments occur at the end of a formal learning/instructional experience, either a class or a program and may include a variety of activities, e.g., tests, demonstrations, portfolios, internships, clinicals, and capstone projects.
summative assessment6
--Summative Assessment…
  • Should reflect formative assessments that precede it.
  • Should match material taught.
  • May determine student’s exit achievement.
  • May be tied to a final decision, grade or report.
  • Should align with instructional/curricular outcomes.
  • May be a form of alternative assessment.
udl summative assessments
UDL – Summative Assessments
  • Multiple means of Representation
    • Content: The “what” of learning
  • Multiple means of Expression
    • Product: The “how” of learning
  • Multiple means of Engagement
    • Process: The “why” of learning
an ela example frankenstein
An ELA Example Frankenstein

Essential Questions:

  • What issues are involved in creating, lengthening, and bettering life?
  • What role does technology play in sustaining human life?
  • What is technology’s role in society?
  • What are the trade-offs for technological advances?
  • What role will I play in future technology? Question it, consume it, or help to create it?
embracing technology
Embracing Technology
  • Big Ideas
  • • mystery, horror
  • • supernatural
  • • role of technology
  • • genetic engineering
  • • cloning
  • • unintended consequences
  • • appreciating human life
  • Themes
  • • Technology has the potential to enhance and extend human life.
  • • Man’s fascination with creation is reflected in fact and fiction.
  • • Scientific exploration has the potential to improve human life.
  • • Altering human traits has unexplored consequences.




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