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Streaming Video by Alan Barker Antony Voznesensky Chris Harris What is Streaming? Real-time transmission of video + audio signals over the Internet CNN sample stream Benefits of Streaming Companies Consumers Academics Consumers HDTV Digital Cinema Video on demand Television

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Streaming Video

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Streaming video l.jpg

Streaming Video


Alan Barker

Antony Voznesensky

Chris Harris

What is streaming l.jpg

What is Streaming?

  • Real-time transmission of video + audio signals over the Internet

  • CNN sample stream

Benefits of streaming l.jpg

Benefits of Streaming

  • Companies

  • Consumers

  • Academics

Consumers l.jpg


  • HDTV

  • Digital Cinema

  • Video on demand

The american past time l.jpg


The American Past Time:

Digital tv l.jpg

Digital TV

“As the 500 channel universe becomes a reality, broadcasters are looking for ways to ensure viewer retention and enable new viewer acquisition. Digital television allows them to accomplish this by not only delivering better video and audio quality to their viewers, but by also allowing them to differentiate their service offerings through combining interactive television applications with traditional television programming content.”

What is digital tv l.jpg

The digital reception of a program on a television monitor.

What is Digital TV?

Advantages of digital tv l.jpg

Advantages of Digital TV

  • Greater Picture Quality from digital signal -HDTV

  • Watch any program at any time, without interruptions. TIVO

  • Interactive TV--Internet Capabilities, E-Commerce opportunities from your TV Ultimate TV.

Interactive tv l.jpg

2.2 million households are projected to have the interactive TV service by the end of the year [Forrester Research]Nearly one-quarter of all U.S. households will be using Interactive Television by 2004 [Forrester Research]

Interactive television advertising revenues are expected to reach $11 billion in the U.S. by 2004 [Forrester Research]

Interactive television advertising revenues are expected to reach $11 billion in the U.S. by 2004 [Forrester Research]

Three-quarters of all television commercials will be interactive within five years [Forrester Research]

Interactive TV

Interactive TV

Things inhibiting us from having full digital television with all its wonderful capabilities l.jpg

Things inhibiting us from having Full Digital Television with all its wonderful capabilities.

  • Failure to yet develop “the magic box”

  • Companies must combine Technologies to get to this Level

    • AOL time Warner

    • Microsoft – Ultimate TV

    • Playstation

Regulations of digital tv l.jpg

Regulations of Digital TV

  • May 2002, all television stations are supposed to be able to transmit digital quality.

  • 2006, all Analog Signals in the United States are to be cut off entirely.

    By this time all Americans must have a Digital Television, or a digital converter box, otherwise America’s favorite past time, TV, will come to an end.

Future limitations l.jpg

Future Limitations

  • With the Laissez faire economics this conversion will probably not take place as quickly as government would like.

  • TV stations are not willing to go to digital because, consumers do not have capabilities to receive digital transmissions.

  • Consumers, are not willing to purchase costly digital setups because there is not enough use for them.

    Chicken and the Egg.

Companies l.jpg


  • Video conferencing

  • Content delivery – cheaper, faster, more effective

  • B2B

The digital pocket pc l.jpg



take pictures on your handheld

fits in your memory card slot

for hp jornada 520, 525, 547, 548

The Digital Pocket PC

Benefits and limitations l.jpg

Able to play movies

Able to play video e-mail

Able to take digital pictures

Unable to record digital videos

Benefits and Limitations

Academics l.jpg


  • Video on demand

  • Distance learning

  • Prerecorded

Prerequisites l.jpg


  • Network decongestion

  • 24/7 availability and reliability

  • VHS or higher quality

Network decongestion l.jpg

Network Decongestion

  • WAN Backbone

  • Metro (MAN)

  • Local Loop

Dwdm for wans l.jpg


  • Backbone technology

  • 400 Gb/s vs. 20 Gb/s non-DWDM

  • Multiple channels

    • 1,400 nm spectrum or band

  • Switching

Slide21 l.jpg


  • DWDM

    • Cisco ONS 15454 & 15327 optical transport platforms

  • Free Space Photonics

    • Up to 5km radius

    • Capable of 2.488 Gbps transfer rate

    • Extremely secure

    • Very small and easily installed

Local loop l.jpg


2 Mbps



SDSL (2 Mbps)

ADSL (7Mpps/1.5Mbps)

RADSL (rate adaptive)

VDSL (55 Mbps)


Limited bandwidth

10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE)

Scheduled for 2002

DWDM compatible

Consistent with LANs

Reduced packet size – throughput

Local Loop

Dsl deployment growing l.jpg

DSL Deployment Growing

Source: Converge! Network Digest (

Dsl vs cable l.jpg

DSL vs. Cable

Source: Converge! Network Digest (

Reliability availability l.jpg


Source: Digital Island (

  • Global reach

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Quality of service

  • Redundancy

  • Professional staff

Quality of the streams l.jpg

Quality of the Streams

  • Uncompressed video = 240Mbps

  • MPEG:

    • The most popular codec for streaming apps

    • Free open end standard

    • Generally “better-quality video than competing formats” (Webopedia, MPEG).

    • Developed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group, an ISO subcommittee

Mpeg 1 l.jpg


  • First to come out - 1992.

  • 352 x 240 = standard TV, VHS quality

  • 1-3 Mbps – DSL, cable, T1

  • Prevalent in corporate LANs

Mpeg 2 l.jpg


  • DVD, set-top boxes, HDTV

  • up to 100Mbs

  • 720 x 480 full-screen resolution

  • Bitstream scalability

  • Studios and cable companies

Mpeg 4 l.jpg

Better compression rates than MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 at the same bit rates

Totally scalable

Increased fault tolerance

Multiple layers

Interactive content

Enormous flexibility

5-384kbps for slow LANs and wireless

< 2Mbps for film and TV

Up to 38Mbps for broadcast services


Slide30 l.jpg

MPEG-4: What’s possible

Source: Overview of the MPEG-4 Standard @

Slide31 l.jpg

Conclusion: The Future of Streaming Video

  • Cuts cost, shortens the distribution channel, and brings greater flexibility to rich media.

  • Available now but will grow in popularity with improvements in network, TV, and mobile technology

  • Benefits business, consumers, and academics

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