Public-Private Partnerships   What s New in Florida

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2. What's New?. House Bill 985Lessons LearnedBuilding a PPP ProcessPPP Approach. 3. PPP Law. PPP Authority exist in current law

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Public-Private Partnerships What s New in Florida

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1. Public-Private Partnerships What’s New in Florida

2. 2 What’s New? House Bill 985 Lessons Learned Building a PPP Process PPP Approach

3. 3 PPP Law PPP Authority exist in current law – Section 334.30, Florida Statutes Broad PPP Authority Flexible However, some confusion in certain areas like procurement, leases of existing assets, and linkage to planning/environmental processes

4. 4 House Bill 985 House Bill 985 included comprehensive update to Section 334.30, F.S. Added “controls” and “oversight” to the PPP process Clarified areas of confusion Provided a more “credit-worthy” PPP program

5. 5 Controls and Oversight Independent Cost Effectiveness/Public Benefit Analysis – prior to procurement and prior to contract award Lease of Existing Assets Approved by Legislative Budget Commission Prior to Contract Award Independent Traffic and Revenue Analysis

6. 6 Controls and Oversight (cont) Linked to Local Planning Processes Terms at 50, or up to 75 Years Must Outline PPP Projects as Part of the Submission of the FDOT Work Program Limit on FDOT Funds for PPPs

7. 7 Clarifications Authority for Leases of Existing FDOT Toll Facilities Clarifies PPP Procurement Process Process for Prequalification of PPP Firms Comprehensive Approach to PPP “Security” Packages Provides for Innovative Finance Techniques by FDOT such as Hedges

8. 8 “Credit-Worthy” PPP Tolls, with Indexing Outlines Availability Payment and Shadow Tolling Processes Authority to Leverage Funds on Large Projects Reaffirms Governor/Legislature Support for PPPs

9. 9 Lessons Learned Pick the Right Projects Be Patient and Start at the Right Time Experts with PPP Experience to Advise Owner Transparent and Interactive Process

10. 10 Lessons Learned (cont) Be Flexible Be Clear and Consistent Be Persistent, It may Take Longer Than Expected Market is Ready to “Take Off”

11. 11 Building a PPP Process FDOT has Many Good Processes Many Years of Outsourcing Design-Build Dispute Resolution Internal Teams Established to Build Repeatable PPP Process Finance Procurement Engineering and Operations

12. 12 Building a PPP Process Expert Advisors Financial Legal Advisors Engineering and Operations Advisors Working out Conflict Processes

13. 13 Florida’s Current PPP Approach Primary Focus on New Capacity Each Project is Unique Get Environmental Work Clear or Almost Clear Develop Solid, Transparent, and Competitive PPP Process

14. 14 Industry Forums Where Valuable Request for Qualifications/Request for Proposals Interact with Short-List Teams - Listen “Hard Proposal” to Deliver Best Value Partnership is Key

15. 15 PPP Examples Port of Miami Tunnel - $1B First Coast Outer Beltway - $1.8B -595 Improvements/Express Lanes - $1.5B Design-Build-Finance Tampa Interstate System (I4/Selmon) - $660M Others

16. 16 Summary The “Sunshine State” is a good business climate for PPPs There will be different flavors of PPPs that should peak varied interest Working hard to provide a solid, transparent, and competitive PPP process “Deal Flow” (Projects) Coming Very Soon

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