NESPL-Air Water Heater-Business Plan

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NESPL-Air Water Heater-Business Plan

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1. Prepared by Anup Nalamwar Nalamwar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. Samyak Arcade, C-1-2, Cannought Place, Town Centre, CIDC0, Aurangabad M.S. India - 431 003 Cell: +91 98220 10149 Tel: +91 240 651 1110 Fax: +91 240 247 4244 E-mail: URL:

3. Evaporator

4. Compressor

5. Condenser

6. Expansion Valve

7. The Complete Cycle

8. Integrated Air Water Heater

9. Split Air Water Heater 20000 LPD 20000 LPD

10. Split Unit AWH Heating Units

11. Split Unit Air Water Heater Units

12. C.O.P. Coefficient of Performance

13. Comparison summary

14. Positioning Due to compactness, low operating costs, less maintenance, Air Water Heater is superior than other technologies. There is no dependability on direct sunlight. Tremendous saving in energy cost Availability of cool air as a by-product Consumer will prefer Air Water Heater over conventional as well as non-conventional water heating process/equipments.

15. Electrical Geysers Strengths:- Low initial costs Easily available Easy to maintain Instantaneous water supply Weaknesses:- High operating cost High O & M for Hard Water application

16. When Considered Against Air Water Heater High Operating Costs Privatisation of Electricity Boards in near future is due due to new Electricity Act Tariff rates are expected to increase First preference of consumers is to minimise operating cost Comparatively, Air Water Heater has an upper hand over Electric Geysers

17. Solar Water Heaters Strengths:- Available in smaller capacity than smallest Air Water Heater Easily available Weakness:- Space occupancy is very high Operates only when there is sun Can not work in monsoon, fog, cloud, night High Maintenance cleaning of collector panels due to highly contaminated and polluted air

18. When Considered against Air Water Heater The major competition for Air Water Heater will be through Solar water heaters. For soft water, cost of solar water heater is almost equal to Air Water Heater, but in case of Hard water, it will be always more Commercial, Industrial and Large Capacity solar water heaters are expensive than air water heater for corresponding capacity

19. When Considered against Air Water Heater The common thinking of people is that there is no operating cost for solar water heaters which is not true. In Indian conditions, one has to switch over to electrical geysers in monsoon. This condition will last for 65 days a year. In India. SWH are designed for 300 days. However, in certain areas, wet days are up to 90 days, or more

20. When Considered against Air Water Heater For higher capacity, forced Solar water heaters are used where there will be consumption of electricity for 4-5 hours a day in pumps used for forced circulation of water. The total electrical energy consumed by geysers in monsoon and pumps for 300 days will be almost equal to the electricity consumed by Air Water Heater over the year.

21. When Considered against Air Water Heater The space required by solar water heaters is very large In metro cities where real state costs are very high, consumers cant waste space only for water heating, not even terrace. In metro cities, most suitable for hotels, hostels, hospitals and mass housing societies.

22. When Considered against Air Water Heater Solar water heaters can not work satisfactorily in hilly areas and these are major tourist destinations in India. Hotel industry is a booming industry at these hill stations. Air Water Heater will be a favorable option at these hill stations.

26. Applications Construction Industry Industrial Sectors Hotels Hospitals Hostels

27. NESPL at Exhibitions 1. Successful exhibitions at Interbuild India-2004 (Delhi), Energy Expo-2004 (Gujarat) and Interiors Expo -2006 (Goa) 2. Existing references 3. Award of 2nd Most Functional Product at Interbuild 2004 amongst 13 participating countries, selected by renowned architects from all over India.

28. The TEAM JulJul

29. NESPL Planning Dealers Network set up across India Developing Installation and after sales service team across India

30. Service Network Head NESPL, Aurangabad Minimum one Service Engineer for each state/dealer Service - round the corner

31. Service Network Customer Complaint Care Service Engineers will be recruited by each dealer Service Engineer will report to NESPL service head Customers will be asked to mark a copy of complaint to NESPL service head. Service engineer will have a mobile, for providing round the clock service Any complaint will be handled in any case with in 24 hours

32. Pricing Pricing At present, 300 and 500 capacity models are at par with solar water heaters. For higher capacities, we are much economical than solar water heaters

33. Policy and Government Role The department is handled by separate ministry, Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources. If our product get classified under renewable energy product category and approved by finance ministry, easy and affordable finance will be available from nationalised banks as per guidelines. Efforts are being to convince ministry officials to consider air water heaters as renewable energy product Help is being provided by International Air Heat Pump Centre by providing related documents of various countries.

34. Policy and Government Role Already had 2 meetings with ministry officials However, it will take at least 6 months time, if at all ministry accepts air water heater as renewable energy product. Once MNES accepts it, then it will be recommended to Finance ministry to financial and fiscal benefits. The final authority will be Finance ministry from our point of view.

35. Performance Certificate

36. Personal Recognition

37. Thank You

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