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Interesting Toilets PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interesting Toilets. Wow! A twin toilet!. When you are going to the toilet, have you ever felt that your toilet is a bit boring? Let me take you on a tour of interesting toilets around the world!! Don’t get flushed away!!. Our first stop is:.

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Interesting Toilets

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Interesting toilets l.jpg

Interesting Toilets

Wow! A twin toilet!

Slide2 l.jpg

When you are going to the toilet, have you ever felt that your toilet is a bit boring? Let me take you on a tour of interesting toilets around the world!! Don’t get flushed away!!

Our first stop is l.jpg

Our first stop is:

This is the "Sani-Seat" toilet at O'Hare Airport (ORD), outside Chicago, USA.

How do you use it?

You just push a button on the wall and the plastic wrapper around the seat will change to a new one.

Isn’t it very amusing? And it is more hygienic and more convenient! Really high-tech, isn’t it?

Now we will go to the mouth l.jpg

Now, we will go to the mouth!

A mouth? Why are you looking at that? Aren’t we looking at toilets?

This IS a urinal which is shaped like a woman’s mouth, dolled up with red lipstick and wide open. It’s name is Kisses. It is placed the men’s room in the newly-designed Virgin Airways Clubhouse in New York’s John F Kennedy airport, Terminal 4! I wonder how the men will react when they see it!!

Then to flowers l.jpg

Then to flowers!

These are the Urinal Arts of Clark Sorensen. The urinal on the left is entitled Red Tulip Urinal It is18" tall, sculpted by Clark Sorensen in 2006.  The right one is Morning Glory! Flowers would look great in any home!

Would you sit on gold l.jpg

Would you sit on gold?

Are you dreaming? Certainly NOT. This is the Gold Toilet in the 3-D Gold Store in Hong Kong, China. 

It is really made of gold, not just gold paint, I am serious.

Will you buy this gold toilet?

Then let us go back to 1450 bc l.jpg

Then, let us go back to 1450 BC!

This is the Pit toilet which is constructed from local rubble, just below the summit of Mt Sinai, Egypt. I think you would think this would be the same going to the loo in a sand pit!!

Come back to the present and ride a bicycle l.jpg

Come back to the present and ride a bicycle!

A great design for those who loves to bike!

Imagine you are riding an ordinary bike, and you want to go the toilet, you would need to get off the bike and it would be a bit disrupting!

If you use this bike, you need to worry this point.

But, think about this. Do you take off your pants while you are riding the bike?

Have a view while you are going to the toilet l.jpg

Have a view while you are going to the toilet!

Wow! If you fear height, don’t use this toilet!

It is on the 21 floor the Radisson SAS Hotel, Oslo, Norway. Fortunately, it is on the 21 floor, or else I don’t know how the people on the street and the opposite buildings will look at the person using the urinal!

Would you mind using a toilet like l.jpg

Would you mind using a toilet like..

It is at The Outhouse of High Shoals Baptist Church, Dawsonville , GA. It is such a remote area that nobody would go.

Will you sit on it? It seemed that we are sitting on the floor, a dirty one. Who would ever go to a toilet like this?

Slide11 l.jpg

Are you tired after going to all these toilets? This is the last and the most interesting stop of all. Hope you enjoy it . It is the…..

Space toilets l.jpg


Slide13 l.jpg

Space toilet, really interesting, huh? The liquid all goes into the hose. There is a cup to make sure you don't miss it.

The urine will be processed so to let the astronauts drink it. A bit disgusting , isn’t it?

The really special thing is that there is a camera!!

t there is a hole for solids, stool. There is a camera to see that the solid go into the right place.

Slide14 l.jpg

Have you enjoyed the journey around the world? For more interesting facts, go back to our website. Remember, don’t get flushed away!!

Bye Bye!!

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