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. Combat Systems. GENERAL DYNAMICS. . Land Systems / Land Systems-Canada. Ordnance and Tactical Systems. Santa Barbara Sistemas. Armament and Technical Products. Steyr. MOWAG. European Land Systems. . . . Who We Are. GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS is a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: GD). Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Land Systems designs, manufactures and supports land and amphibious combat systems for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and allied nations. 20

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general dynamics

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2. Combat Systems

3. Who We Are GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMS is a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation (NYSE: GD). Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Land Systems designs, manufactures and supports land and amphibious combat systems for the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps and allied nations. Behind Land Systems' 65 year defense heritage is a commitment to provide high quality, technically superior, high value products and services to every customer. Land Systems has the leadership, financial resources, technology and strength of more than 9,800 employees who are dedicated to making the company the world's preferred supplier of a full spectrum of land and amphibious weapons systems. This dedication assures the stockholder, the customer and the nation that the name General Dynamics will always mean Strength on Your Side.

8. SQA Regions Linked on Website

9. Delegation Stamp STAMP RULES: This stamp will always be kept under personal control and secured from unauthorized use (stamps are not borrowed or loaned). Assignee must have independent authority to accept or reject product shipment(s). Must also be unencumbered from contacting their SQA Regional Manager with any questions or concerns. Stamp use is only for its intended purpose, the review of GDLS product and documentation (a written/typed stamp number is not valid). Immediately notify your GDLS Regional Manager if this stamp is lost, stolen, or if it cannot be used because of damage or wear. Immediately notify your GDLS Regional Manager if you suspect any misuse of this stamp. The stamp impression must be affixed to all copies of the shipping document only when compliance to the Purchase Order and TDP are fully met. This is the only form of product acceptance.

10. Purchase Order Overview General

11. Purchase Order Overview Ts & Cs

12. Purchase Order Overview Quality Clauses

13. Website Overview

14. Website Overview PQA 3000

15. Website Overview Bookmark This Page

16. Website Overview

17. Item Unique Identification (IUID) Clause

18. Technical Data Package (TDP) Drawings Pro E Models Material Certifications Special Process Approval Quality Assurance Provisions (QAPs) Quality Assurance Requirements (QARs) Program Release Approval (TRA) Supplier Quality Material Request (SQMR) Approval

19. Supplier Quality Assurance Approximately 1250 Active Suppliers (GDLS & GDLS-C) No Receiving Inspection Parts go directly to Plant Production Only receipts from Oracle create Supplier Ratings SQA is managed by Regional Managers using the TipQA Database Supported by Contracted Quality Field Representatives Supplier Corrective Actions Deferred Corrective Action Letter Notification to Suppliers for each nonconformance (TipQA NC document). Supplier expected to address the nonconformance internally no formal reply is required. VIDA audit will verify corrective actions are addressed and closed. Formal Corrective Action by Regional Managers 3 or more pieces of the same part number rejected as Supplier Responsible in a month (TipQA CA document is supported by NC document(s)). Notification via email from SQA Regional Manager to Supplier Quality Manager/ Supervisor/Contact for CA response. Intensive Management System On a quarterly basis, Suppliers with an acceptance rating below 98% for a 12 month period are reviewed by a panel with representation from SQA and Supply Chain Management. A complete review of the Quality history is done and recommendations are made of actions to be taken to improve the rating.

20. Material Conformance Assurance FIRST PIECE INSPECTION (FPI) / DELTA FPI If QY-11 is called out on the Purchase Order, the following conditions will require a First Piece or Delta First Piece Inspection upon completion of the Suppliers own FAI, AS9102, or internal part inspection acceptance criteria. The FPI Directive and Quality Alert must be completed by a GDLS Inspector New Part Number or Engineering change to Supplier/Product Prime or Sub-Tier Material, Manufacturing, or Process change to part 12 month break in production Corrective Action (process change that brought part back into conformance) SUPPLIER QUALITY MATERIAL REQUEST (SQMR) Suppliers without design authority are not authorized to conduct Material Review Board (MRB) activities. This authority resides at the appropriate Plant. MRB authority will be stated on the P.O. for those Suppliers that are authorized. The SQMR & CA response are coordinated thru your Regional Manager. Review the SQMR Form and submittal process in the PQA 3000.

21. Inspection Delegation Audit Checklist (SQ-905)[refer to TipQA Supplier Master for annual monthly schedule] 1. Verify address, quality assurance manager, email address, and phone number per Supplier Master. List changes in 'Auditor's Remarks'. 2. Does the supplier have the current PQA 3000 [ - Procurement link] 3. Does the supplier understand GDLS Purchase Order Quality Clause language (NCG [PQA 3000 pg. 4], ID, FPI, FAI)? 4. Are shippers/packing slips stamped by the ID Delegate? 5. Are the Inspection Delegate Stamps in control of the delegate? 6. Are there any GDLS purchase orders requiring First Article Test (FAT)? (QY2) 7. Are there any purchase orders requiring Control Test (CT)? (QY3) 8. Does the suppliers' purchase orders require First Piece Inspection? (QY11) 9. Does the supplier use software for product acceptance? 10. Are there any suppliers' purchase orders containing graded fastener requirements? 11. Does the supplier understand the GDLS purchase order takes precedence over conflicts in other documents within the technical data package? 12. Randomly select two shipments made since last visit. Validate supplier conformance thru records listing the following information: - P O Number / Supplement Number - Part Number - Revision Number - Conforms? (yes / no - report issue(s) under 'Auditor's Remarks'). 13. Have there been any nonconformances reported since the last audit per attached nonconformance report? 14. List current E-Mail Address. {Critical for delivery of TipQA system generated documents}

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