construction details for green oak frames

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Oak Framing. Sustainable Design. OrientationMinimise heat lossIncrease insulationMake more airtightImprove glazing efficiencyPassive solar designControl ventilation. Summary. ShrinkageWhether to infill or encloseEnvelope detailsGlazing details. The impact of the new Part L1A building regulations on green oak frames.

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construction details for green oak frames

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1. Construction Details for Green Oak Frames

3. Sustainable Design Orientation Minimise heat loss Increase insulation Make more airtight Improve glazing efficiency Passive solar design Control ventilation

4. Summary Shrinkage Whether to infill or enclose Envelope details Glazing details

5. The impact of the new Part L1A building regulations on green oak frames The new standards call for a reduction of CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the 2002 values. Reasonable provision has to be made to limit the loss of heat through the fabric of the envelope. Glazing should be protected to prevent high internal summer temperatures. Air permeability needs to be kept within reasonable limits.

6. Shrinkage

7. Properties of shrinkage

8. Infill verses exterior envelope Infill using modern materials Advantages include traditional appearance and thinner exterior wall Disadvantages can be water ingress, air leakage and continuing maintenance Wrapping the frame in an exterior envelope Advantages include improved insulation, airtightness and the use of high thermal mass materials Disadvantages include loss of traditional appearance

9. Exterior envelope wall details

10. Sips Panel

11. Masonry Construction

12. Roof and floor details

13. Glazing Frames

14. Direct Glazing Double glazed units are held in place by an air dried oak cover Shrinkage likely to occur on the inside Either a dry or wet glaze method can be used Toughened glass should be used throughout the system

15. Glazing horizontal members can be complicated Either copper or lead flashings should be used to stop water ingress Lead should be treated with bituminous tar Opening doors and windows should be hung in their own stable frame Glazing Details

16. Minimising glazing problems Protect the glass Timber quality should be good Keep high heat sources away

17. Conclusions Shrinkage is the biggest challenge to overcome when designing with green oak Oak frames can be either infilled or clad externally but future regulations may make infilling frames unacceptable Ideally the fabric of the building should be put on the outside of the frame or therefore minimising the effects of shrinkage Glass should be protected by some form of passive solar shading to prevent overheating The Future?

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