Assessing a learner s level of spoken English

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The challenges. utilitydiscriminationreliabilitypracticalityvaliditypositive washback. Validity. 1. e yes2. b 3. f4. c5. d6. a yes. Enhancing reliability. Rating scale should be revised and re-validated.Tasks and language benchmarkedOngoing monitoring of tests and performanceExaminer performance monitoredInterlocutor performance monitoredAn 'interlocutor frame' should be produced.

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Assessing a learner s level of spoken English

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1. Assessing a learner’s level of spoken English Sue Davies IATEFL 2009 Cardiff

3. Validity 1. e yes 2. b 3. f 4. c 5. d 6. a yes

4. Enhancing reliability Rating scale should be revised and re-validated. Tasks and language benchmarked Ongoing monitoring of tests and performance Examiner performance monitored Interlocutor performance monitored An ’interlocutor frame’ should be produced

5. Rating scale Tests recorded CEFR at the heart of the process What candidate can do How well

6. What Interact competently if not always accurately in everyday situations Communicate personal information, opinions, ideas, feelings Communicate in a variety of social situations using an appropriate range of functional language Exchange information, feelings and opinions to perform a task Narrate, describe, explain and express opinions in extended speech Contribute points to a simple discussion

7. How well A R P F

8. How well: ARPF Initiates and follows the norms of turn-taking, prompts and manages the discourse with a degree of independence Connects descriptions and narrations in simple ways Speaks without undue hesitation unless searching for information, vocabulary or reformulating

9. CARPF Communication Accuracy Range Pronunciation Fluency

10. Specifications Tight descriptions of each task Functions Grammatical knowledge Topics

11. Benchmarking: Relating language examinations to the CEFR - Manual

12. Ongoing monitoring

13. Construct-irrelevant variance Gender Test conditions Education Experience Age Personality

14. ISESOL C2 Mastery C1 Expert B2 Communicator B1 Achiever A2 Access A1 Preliminary

15. Four parts of the test Part One: To give personal information Part Two: To communicate appropriately in social situations Part Three: To exchange information and opinions Part Four: To give a presentation and answer questions on it.

16. Levels of ISESOL C2 Mastery C1 Expert B2 Communicator B1 Achiever A2 Access A1 Preliminary

17. Distinguishing levels What factors distinguish different levels in a test of speaking?

18. Distinguishing levels length of the test linguistic difficulty and complexity range of topics and functions nature of the tasks

19. Interlocutor Framework

20. Interlocutor Framework

21. Interlocutor Framework Test reliability Natural use Reasons for diverting from the Framework

22. Qualities of a good interlocutor Make candidate feel comfortable: smile, keep eye contact, show interest, manage inappropriate responses Elicit as much language as possible: use gestures to help understanding, give thinking time, use open-ended questions Control the test: organise yourself, the room and paperwork, prepare thoroughly, keep to time limits, deliver the interlocutor script naturally Be familiar with the levels: know the descriptors, adjust to the level of the test, support candidates at lower levels

23. Sue Davies [email protected]

24. Further details City & Guilds 1 Giltspur Street London EC1A 9DD T +44 (0)20 7294 2468 F +44 (0)20 7294 2400

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