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NaviMeds. The Complete Medication Safety and Policy Solution for Care Homes. NaviMeds is built on 3 key strengths. Reducing Mistakes. Improving Follow-up. Saving Time and Costs. Reducing Mistakes. Easy to use, hard to misuse Pictures of SUs and drugs

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The Complete Medication Safety and Policy Solution for Care Homes

Navimeds is built on 3 key strengths

NaviMeds is built on 3 key strengths

Reducing Mistakes

Improving Follow-up

Saving Time and Costs



  • Easy to use, hard to misuse

    • Pictures of SUs and drugs

    • Only shows drugs that are due to be given so no more interpreting MAR sheets

    • Reminder alarms ensure drugs are given on time with no missing signatures

  • Someone to watch over me

    • Takes stress off carers by reducing their bedside workload

    • Ensures controlled drugs are given with a witness present

    • Alerts in case of allergy

    • Enforces minimum intervals between PRNs


Improving Follow-up

  • No more paper pushing

    • Replaces paper MARs and Exception Reports to save filing space

    • Automatically sends forms to the correct managers for sign-off and approval

    • Enforces follow-up within the desired time

    • Sign-off is electronic and traceable

  • Address issues before they become problems

    • Reports on drug rejection rates by administering carer to highlight personality clashes or training issues

    • Records comprehensive drug movement audits with discrepancy reports

    • Better knowledge enables earlier intervention and better care results


  • Time for admin or time for caring?

    • Saves hours per home with automated inventory management, re-ordering and disposal

    • Reduces management time spent on follow-up by reducing the errors that require it

    • Provides access to instant status reports and historical records, avoiding searches and storage

  • A penny saved...

    • Reduce staffing costs by realising time savings

    • Benefit from improved CSCi reports and increased income

    • Decrease your exposure to liability for medication mistakes

    • Fewer carer errors lead to lower staff turnover

Saving Time and Costs

Where you need it most

Where you need it most


Drug Audits

Drugs Rounds

Where you need it most1

Where you need it most



Drug Audits

Drugs Rounds


Changing Prescriptions


Managing Exceptions

Out with the old

Out with the old...

In with the better with the better

Demo start

Demo start

  • Login as AWolf – a home manager authorised to give all drugs

  • Use AWolf’s unique password – 240681 – this controls what he can see and do

  • View and change data only within his own home or region

Navimeds demo

NaviMeds Demo

Navimeds strengths

NaviMeds’ Strengths

Reducing Mistakes

Improving Follow-up


Saving Time and Costs


Months ROI

End of presentation

End of Presentation

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