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Bertrand Gacon President Sustainable Finance Geneva. April 2012. The role of capital: thinking beyond. INVESTMENTS. DONATIONS. Impact first. Financial first. Traditional business. ?. NGOs / Charities. Commercial activity. Grant-making activity. Financial returns only.

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Bertrand Gacon


Sustainable Finance Geneva

The role of capital thinking beyond
The role of capital: thinkingbeyond



Impact first

Financial first

Traditional business


NGOs / Charities

Commercial activity

Grant-making activity

Financial returns only


Social impact only

The space in between
The space in between

Traditional business

CSR-conscious business

Social business

NGOs / Charities

Impact first

Financial first


Commercial activity

Commercial activity with social benefits

Social benefits with commercial activity

Grant-making activity


Impact Investing



Financial returns only


Social impact only

Don’t do any harm !

Do some good !

Large corporations


Publicly listed

Privately owned

High volume, small impact

High impact, small volume

Why sustainable finance
WhySustainable Finance?

  • Use capital atits full potential

    • Enter the third dimension of investing

    • Use the power of markets to solve the world’smost pressing challenges

    • Makethe economy part of the solution, not part of the problem

  • Seize new investmentopportunities

    • Solving the world’smanyproblemsis the biggestmarket !

    • The mostresponsiblecompanies are outperformingtheirpeers over the long term

    • Protectagainstrisks

    • Understandwhatyou are investing in

    • Anticipate the changes thatwillmaketomorrowsleaders/losers

    • Decorelatefromtraditionalmarkets

  • Alignyouinvestmentswithyour values

Why switzerland
Why Switzerland?

  • A unique blend of financial and social expertise

    • A world leading center in wealth management

    • A hub for NGOs and International Organisations

    • A long humanitarian tradition and financial history

  • Decades of innovation in Sustainable Finance

    • Microfinance investment market was born here

    • First Sustainable Asset Manager was created in Switzerland

    • First Sustainability Index was designed and launched here

    • First Foundation for Responsible Investment was born in Geneva

  • A world leader in Sustainable Finance

    • The home of many international leaders in Sustainable Finance, including UNPRI

    • World’s n°1 for microfinance, with almost 30% market share

    • Highest number of foundations per capita in the world

    • Highest subscription rate for SRI products fromindividualinvestors