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15 amendment
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15 Amendment. Period 6 Sunday, November 9, 2014. Connection with 13 th and 14 th Amendment. 13 th Amendment: This FREED the slaves. 14 th amendment: Turned African Americans into citizens. http://activistteacher.blogspot.com/2010/06/need-for-and-practice-of-student.html.

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15 Amendment

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15 amendment

15 Amendment

Period 6

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Connection with 13 th and 14 th amendment

Connection with 13th and 14th Amendment.

13th Amendment:

This FREED the slaves.

14th amendment:

Turned African Americans into citizens.


15 amendment the right to be able to vote no matter any color race or previous servitude

15 Amendment: The right to be able to vote no matter any color race or previous servitude


Proposed by Congress on February, 26, 1869


In 1870

Why was this amendment needed

Why was this amendment needed

The 15th amendment Settled up ALL African American's rights after the civil war.


Let blacks vote on the people THEY wanted.

Reconstruction act

Reconstruction Act

The 1st Reconstruction Act, Passed, March 2nd 1867.

This DIVIDED the US into 5 military districts.


The impact of reconstruction act

The Impact of Reconstruction Act

This was SUPPOSED to give rights to ALL men

Though all confederate states must ratify the 14th Amendment.


The rights given

The Rights Given

The right to vote, no matter

what COLOR, RACE or previous servitude.


Important then

Important Then

The Amendment did NOT work!!!!!!!!!


Southern states,made these tokeepblacks from voting……

( After the 15th Amendment!)



Important then1

Important then

Grandfather clause – If the father or grandfather was registered to vote before the 15th amendment . They could NOT vote.

Literary test

Literary Test

  • They gave uneducated blacks a test.

    They needed to pass the test in order to vote.


Poll tax

Poll Tax

  • To vote you would have to pay a tax that poor blacks could not afford.

Important now

Important Now

Voting Statistics




The problem:

After the Civil War , people were divided on whether blacks should be able to VOTE.

Many thought that Congress had

NO right to give voting rights to blacks.




To SOLVE this:

In 1865 some republicans started to press for blacks to be able to vote.

Many argued on this topic…

After LONG debating, they knew black rights had to be finished up , then made the 15th Amendment ratified.


How this effects us

How this effects US?

  • We could not have had Mr. Obama as our first

    African American

    US president.

    ~10/10 importance level~

    If African Americans

    were not able to vote, we would not be the EQUAL and justice place we are today.




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