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RNA . 13.1 p. 362-365. 1.What does RNA stand for?. Ribonucleic acid (unlike DNA, which stands for…). 2. 3 major differences between DNA and RNA. 1. Sugar in RNA is ribose not deoxyribose 2. Single-stranded (vs. double-stranded) 3. Contains the nitrogenous base uracil vs. thymine.

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13.1 p. 362-365

1 what does rna stand for

1.What does RNA stand for?

  • Ribonucleic acid (unlike DNA, which stands for…)

2 3 major differences between dna and rna

2. 3 major differences between DNA and RNA

  • 1. Sugar in RNA is ribose not deoxyribose

  • 2. Single-stranded (vs. double-stranded)

  • 3. Contains the nitrogenous base uracil vs. thymine

3 roles of dna vs rna

3. Roles of DNA vs. RNA

  • Kind of like a construction site

  • DNA is the “master plan”

  • Used to prepare the “blueprints” which is the RNA

  • DNA molecule stays safely in the cells nucleus

  • RNA molecules go to proteins building sites in the cytoplasm called the ribosome


  • 4.RNA controls the assembly of amino acids into proteins!

  • Proteins direct/ control a lot of cellular functions…that’s one of the reasons RNA is so important!


  • Each of the 3 main types of RNA has a different job when it comes to protein synthesis:

  • Messenger RNA (mRNA)

  • Ribosomal RNA (rRNA)

  • Transfer RNA (tRNA)

5 mrna

5. mRNA

  • RNA that carries instructions for polypeptide synthesis from nucleus toribosomesin the cytoplasm!

5 rrna


  • Forms an important part of both subunits of the ribosome

5 trna


  • Carries amino acids to the ribosome and then matches them to the coded mRNA message

Rna synthesis

RNA Synthesis

How does the cell make RNA?



  • 1.Most of the work of making RNA takes place during transcription

    • 2. In transcription, segments of DNA serve as templates to produce complementary RNA molecules

Where does transcription happen

Where does transcription happen?

  • 3. Prokaryotes

    • RNA synthesis+ protein synthesis in the cytoplasm

  • 4.Eukaryotes

    • RNA synthesis is in cell’s nucleus

    • Protein synthesis is in cytoplasm

5 rna polymerase

5.RNA polymerase

  • Works much like DNA polymerase

  • 6. RNA polymerase binds to DNA during transcription then separates the DNA strands

  • Uses one strand of DNA as a template from which to assemble nucleotides into a complementary strand of RNA

7 how does rna know where to bind and start making rna

7. How does RNA know where to bind and start making RNA???

  • 8.Promoter region of DNA that signals RNA polymerase exactly where to begin making RNA

  • *Similar signals in DNA cause transcription to stop when a new RNA molecule is completed

9 10 rna editing

9-10 RNA editing

  • RNA needs to be edited before it can be read!

  • Introns= portions that are cut out and discarded

  • Exons= left over portions that are then pushed back together to form the final mRNA strand



  • Transcription!

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Photo credits

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