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National Collegiate Athletic Association in collaboration with National Consortium for Academics and Sports.

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National Collegiate Athletic Association in collaboration with

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National Collegiate Athletic Association

in collaboration


National Consortium for Academics and Sports

Jeff O’Brien is the Director of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Program – a post he has held since 1998. The multi-racial, mixed gender MVP Program is the first large-scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate and professional athletes in the fight against all forms of men’s violence against women. Jeff has worked with thousands of student-athletes and coaches/ staff on college campuses and hundreds of professional athletes, becoming one of the nation’s most requested speakers on preventing violence against women in athletics.He holds a BA in English and MS in Education from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York and is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Sociology from Northeastern University. Prior to assuming leadership of MVP, Jeff was the Site Coordinator for the Athletes in Service to America community service program. At Canisius, O’Brien was co-captain during his senior year and a four-year starter at tight-end. Jeff was inducted into the school’s Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.

Jeff O'Brien

Wanda Wade is a native of Seattle, Washington, where she was a women's basketball letter winner at the University of Washington, winning a PAC-10 Championship. She transferred to North Carolina State University where I won an ACC Championship with Kay Yow and the WolfPack (Go PACK!!)

She is currently working on her PhD in Exceptional Education with a concentration on student athletes with disabilities. She received her bachelor's degree in Special Education and after a brief stint in the working world, she quickly enrolled in graduate school at University of Central Florida where she received a Master of Education-Varying Exceptionalities, a Master of Business Administration, and Master of Sports Business Administration. She worked to develop an extensive background in competition and events coordination that included working the 2004 NBA All-Star game, the Pepsi 400 with NASCAR, numerous sporting events with Disney's Wide World of Sports, the 1999 Special Olympic World Games, the Senior Games, and The 1990 Goodwill Games. She is the only child to Carolyn and Bruce Hopp, and grandchild to Dr. LeRoy T. Walker, President Emeritus of the United States Olympic Committee, and Chancellor Emeritus of North Carolina Central University.

Wanda Wade


National Consortium for Academics and Sports

…to create a better society by focusing on educational attainment and using the power and appeal of sport to positively affect social change.

National Consortium for Academics and Sports

  • Established in 1985

  • 225 colleges and universities,

  • NCAS provides opportunities for current and former student-athletes to continue their pursuit of higher education, while working in the community addressing social issues.

  • 27,000 student-athletes to return to school to pursue completion of their degrees.

  • 12,200 student-athletes have graduated through the NCAS Degree Completion Program.

  • 15 million young people with messages of academic excellence, drug and alcohol education, violence prevention, and race, ethnic, gender and religious diversity awareness.

  • Teamwork Leadership Institute(TLI)


Today’s Workshop

  • Workshop isNOT:

  • Guilt session

  • Exercise in blame

  • Absolute statement of who right and who is wrong

  • Indictment of a person or group of people

  • The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Increase your personal awareness of diversity

  • Build a better foundation for communicating with other people who may differ from yourself

  • Provide a safe and educational environment that encourages respect,

  • responsibility, and understanding of co-workers and others.

One of Three




NCAA Advanced Diversity Education

Our session today is an awareness raising and sensitivity program. It is adjusted to fit into a 4 hour time frame. For a more extensive program specifically addressing issues such as race, gender or sexual orientation, your institution can contact the NCAA and request the Advanced Diversity Education program.

  • Goals for Workshop

  • To create an environment where topics of diversity can be discussed openly with a high level of comfort.

  • To help create an environment where negative incidents are less likely to occur therefore building a foundation for improved cooperation, respect, and understanding of co-workers.

  • To provide an environment to address and understand a variety of complex diversity issues that are Safe, Participatory and Confidential

  • To explore personal and institutional perspectives concerning diversity issues

Today’s Activities

  • Today we are going to apply discussions, through interactive and solution based exercises.

  • We will review some personal perspectives, terms of diversity, explore the root cause of separation, explore some group dynamics, identify diversity challenges and hopefully offer some solutions.

Ground Rules for WorkshopS.P.O.R.T

  • S = Sensitivity

  • P = Participate

  • O = Opportunity

  • R = Respect

  • T =“Time Out”

What’s Your Angle?

  • Perspective

Terms of Diversity(With regards to interaction among people)











  • Submit your best definition for each word


A collective mixture of characteristics as they relate to differences and similarities


To develop an environment that fosters the attainment of an organization’s mission by translating the value for diversity into behaviors that reflects a quality of thinking at both individual and organizational levels.


An attitude, opinion or feeling without adequate prior knowledge, thought or reason.


Differential treatment based on unfair categorization. It is a denial of fairness prompted by prejudice.


Prejudice or discrimination against Jews, based on negative perceptions of their religious beliefs and /or on negative group stereotypes.


Attitudes, behaviors, and conditions that promote discrimination against the opposite gender.


Racial prejudice with institutional power that is used to the advantage of one group and to the disadvantage of another group. The critical difference is power and authority to execute prejudicial attitudes.


Culture is created from a group of people’s shared history, ways of thinking, knowledge, language, art, law, traditions, and other behavior patterns.


The irrational fear of homosexuals, homosexuality; it is the fear that enforces sexism and heterosexism. The extreme behavior of homophobia is violence.


An oversimplified generalization about a person or a group of people without regard for individual differences

Positive Stereotypes?

  • Examples


An oversimplification of a person or a group of people without regard for individual differences

How can anything, not being the truth on an individual level, be positive?

Some people do take advantage of generalizations, but is that a positive act?

Path to Segregation

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc

..the power to implement prejudice


..attitude, opinion, or feeling




…oversimplified generalization


Insist upon a system that values “inclusion” of all perspectives, thoughts and opinions

Open-minded attitude, don’t depend on others to assess someone’ else’s character

Treat others with fairness and equity


“Tug of Words” Exercise

  • Ethnic minorities are too sensitive when it comes to matters of “race”.

“Tug of Words” Exercise

2.Bi-lingual people should speak English whenever they are around people who only speak English.

“Tug of Words” Exercise

3. Equal treatment for women is improving in our society.

“Tug of Words” Exercise

4. If racial derogatory terms are acceptable for use by people associated with the terms, it is acceptable for people outside that group to use the same terms.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The most dangerous thing in the world is sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

National Consortium for Academics and SportsTeamwork Leadership Institute

Diversity Education Program3-2-1…GO!

3things I learned from the Teamwork Leadership Institute Workshop

2things that I will address, change or be more sensitive to as a result of what I learned

1question that I still have about diversity but will commit to find the answer to as a result of today’s workshop

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