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2. What is Energy ? Basic Definitions.Forms of Energy.A Short History of Energy.Dangerousness of Energy.Renewable Energy.Resources Related to Energy.. Outline. 3. What is energy ?. Energy makes change; it does things for us. It moves cars along the road and boats over the water. It bak

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1. 1 Energy By Yeung Chung Kuen (05996130) (12/03/2006) Revised by Mak

2. 2 What is Energy ? Basic Definitions. Forms of Energy. A Short History of Energy. Dangerousness of Energy. Renewable Energy. Resources Related to Energy.

3. 3 What is energy ? Energy makes change; it does things for us. It moves cars along the road and boats over the water. It bakes a cake in the oven and keeps ice frozen in the freezer. It plays our favorite songs on the radio and lights our homes. It makes our bodies grow and allows our minds to think. …….

4. 4 Basic Definitions A very good definition of energy is: Energy is the ability to do work. In common sense, work is get things done. In physics, ‘work’ is force x displacement, W = Fs.

5. 5 Forms of Energy Mechanical( Kinetic and potential)???(?????) Chemical ??? Heat ?? Electric ?? Light ?? Sound ?? Nuclear ?? People have learned how to change energy from one form to another so that we can do work more easily and live more comfortably.

6. 6 Potential Energy Kinetic energy

7. 7 Mechanical Energy

8. 8

9. 9 Chemical Energy

10. 10 Chemical Heat +Light Energy

11. 11

12. 12 Light/Heat Energy

13. 13 Electric/Light/Sound Energy

14. 14 Light Energy

15. 15 Sound/Light/Heat/Mechanical Energy

16. 16 Nuclear Energy by Fission

17. 17

18. 18

19. 19 A Short History of Energy The Old Days Before the industrial revolution(????), our energy needs were modest(??? ).

20. 20 Examples For heat, we relied on the sun -- and burned wood, straw, and dried dung(??) when the sun failed us. For transportation, the muscle of horses and the power of the wind in our sails took us to every corner of the world. For work, we used animals to do jobs that we couldn't do with our own labor. Water and wind drove the simple machines that ground our grain and pumped our water.

21. 21 B.C.500,000-300,000 Use of fire Man started to use fire a half million years ago. Ancient people knew the fire through lightning, forest-fire, explosion of volcano and so on. Fire can protect them from dangerous animals, warm them in a cold night, lighten the darkness and harden earthenware(?? ) . They wanted to maintain convenient fire to use it anytime. At first they kept the fire which was occurred by forest fire by transferring to wood pieces.

22. 22

23. 23 But it was difficult to control fire by this method. A wise man thought. "Producing fire by ourselves is the better way!“ "Luxury is the mother of invention" Man has invented the methods to produce and control fire more easily.

24. 24 B.C.5000? Invention of cart with wheels. Man invented and developed tools continuously. But, to carry tools and the materials was tough job. Man invented cart with wheels in order to carry loads easily. This was the first step to "mechanical energy“ which developed civilization(?? ) rapidly .

25. 25 B.C.-3000 Traditional boat was improved to sailboat in order to utilize wind and drive boat faster. This was a great turning point in the meaning that man utilized wind as motion energy, as well as windmill(??) which is used in some area nowadays.

26. 26 B.C.2000?- War using arms After man established civilization and made "city", each city had their own army to guard their people from enemies. In the war, they use arms such as a stone bow(?). Man began to use energy for destroying.

27. 27 B.C.600 Discovery of electricity Man discovered electricity 2500 years ago. Amber(?? ) which was rubbed generated static electricity which attracted light materials. "Electric energy“ which is most familiar to us in the history of energy was discovered at that time. However modern technology for controlling electric energy was established at a much later time, say until Volta invented the Voltaic cell at 1799. But man continued to develop the techniques of utilizing energy not being satisfied.

28. 28 7th Century Invention of windmill (?? ) Windmill is one of very important inventions in the Medieval Ages(???). Windmill brought the improvement in efficiency of job and the spread of technology to operate some machines at the same time by using cranks and gears. (?? ) (?? ) The development of "mechanical energy“ was accelerated hereinafter.

29. 29 16th century- The Industrial Revolution and further development 1. Steam engine(???)

30. 30 The development of utilizing technology of mechanical energy was accelerated at the speed which mankind had never experienced by the invention of steam engine. Steam engine brought people railways, power plant(???), modern manufacturing plants and so on.

31. 31 The development of shipbuilding technology, telegraphic communication (??Marconi 1874-1937), railway technology, and the invention of airplane in the first half of 19th century made people to communicate worldwide

32. 32 End of 19th century: Birth of power plant Invention of electric light bulb (Edison 1847-1931) is a milestone of modernization in 19th century. Electric light was rapidly spread in the industrial countries around the world with increasing number of power plants, and the age of electric energy had come.

33. 33 A.D.1914-1918 World War 1 The First World War in which 32 countries participated was a war using technological armament such as submarine, aircraft, carrier, poison gas, machine gun. Many lives were sacrificed in the war, showing the dark side of energy and technology.

34. 34 A.D.1939-1945 World War 2 The World War 2 is a very important milestone in the utilizataion of energy, because nuclear arms were used for the first time in the war. It shows that energy and technology can destroy the civilization, if they are used in wrong way.

35. 35

36. 36 A.D.1986 Accident at Chernobyl's nuclear power plant This accident teach us that we should consider also dangerousness in thinking the use of energy. We cannot say "absolutely safety“ in the field of nuclear energy.

37. 37 A.D.1997&1998 Rush of nuclear explosion tests North Korea, India, Pakistan are the countries which made nuclear explosion tests in recent years. Nuclear armament should not be appreciated even if it is for self-defense. The 20th century is the maturation period of high-technology and the beginning ages of new energy. However, we must always consider the adverse effect of using energy.

38. 38 All of our main energy technologies have serious environmental consequences: Air pollution: health problems, acid rain, (??)etc. CO2 production: climate change Waste disposal: health hazards ……

39. 39 Renewable Energy

40. 40 Wind

41. 41

42. 42

43. 43 Geothermal Energy

44. 44

45. 45

46. 46

47. 47

48. 48 Tidal Energy

49. 49

50. 50

51. 51 Hydro-electric Energy

52. 52

53. 53 Resources Related to Energy Roller coaster Animation: Mouse Trap animation Chevy animation Pics

54. 54 Resources based_education/infodist/tutorial/simulate/off.htm TSC/classroom/ppt/docs/ehandouts.pdf TSC/classroom/ppt/docs/eslides.pdf

55. 55 Resources

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