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Bolly Bread. P roduct. P rice. P lace. P romotion. P roduct-.

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The product is solely about the edible bread which is a common meal worldwide.Our plan is to make different kinds of bread like White,Brown and Multi Grain. We have poured some ENTERTAINMENT with it. The wrapper of the bread will contain all the info about a running movie like VENUE, Schedule & Star Cast, which is a pretty easy way to promote the movie. We’ll be delivering Hi-quality Product to Buyers at a low price & higher Satisfaction.


At first we will contact a Film Production House for being a part of this Bready Innovation. These days Houses spend Crores on Advertisement. Why wont they spend a few Lakhs on promoting their movie? Once they agree to collaborate with Us (Co.), it will become an ALL WIN deal…At first, We will sell the House our products at actual market costs & customers will be getting the same at Half the Price of existing Breads.……………….

In short, it is a Win-Win deal for everyone

Customer-Quality bread at cheapest price with movies info and tickets too, if they get lucky..

Movie makers- Advertised in a humungous & effective manner with a very low amount of money..

& at lastUs- We will be the profit bearer…


India is a kind of place where everyone wants Quality goods at Cheap prices, so the Product will spread like a wildfire…Wages, Manufacturing & Supply Charges cost us around 6.75 for each White bread pack we sell it for 10. No matter how Cheap the Bread we’ll provide, Quality & Nutrition won’t be compromised.It’ll be a Bread that’ll Love You back.The Prices are as follows:

Price ranges will be like as given or according to different marketing situations…

  • White Bread-the actual price in a market is approx INR to INR,we will sell it for INR .




Brown Bread-the actual price in market is

20 INR

is 25 to 30 INR,we will sell in

Multi Grain Bread-The existing worth is 30 to INR,we sell it for

25 INR


P marketing situations…lace-

Now the question comes where will we manufacturing our Product. We boast a very clean & Hygienic bakery in Ghaziabad region. We have choosen this place as Factors of Production are Cheap as compared to Delhi. Transportation will be cheap too, as we’re not that far from Delhi. We’ll be supplying in the NCR region and Countrywide afterwards.

P marketing situations…romotion-

For the first week we have decided to organize a Breadyevent where Customers will taste our samples & give reviews. This way we show the people our Quality and Veracity..It’s a two way process, “Production House will Promote Us & we’ll promote their Movie” For gaining max ATTENTION, we will put tickets for two on every 500th pack of our Breads.

Many will get lucky & this will create Brand Loyalty. People would be eager to buy the product because they want to get Lucky again….Moreover the Prices are so less that even if they wont get the ticket, they’ll still buy the bread, because of allNutrition & Quality of our product are same as other big brands.

y People would be eager to buy the product because they