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Listserv at Dartmouth. Communications could not be easier!. Why Listserv?. Efficient: Does not overwork the network Easy to maintain: Management Interface on the Web Secure: Does not show the list of recipients to anyone but administrators One email address sends to all recipients.

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Listserv at Dartmouth

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Listserv at Dartmouth

Communications could not be easier!

Why Listserv?

  • Efficient: Does not overwork the network

  • Easy to maintain: Management Interface on the Web

  • Secure: Does not show the list of recipients to anyone but administrators

  • One email address sends to all recipients

Ok, so how do I get one started?

  • First, you must request one at You will be asked to login using your alumni email account user name and password.

  • There is detailed explanations of each item, give the List some thought before you submit. Print the page and call us with questions if you are not sure, we would be glad to assist! Various versions of the manual are downloadable after you submit the request.

  • We can populate it for you. This will exclude those who have requested not to receive email.

  • Following approval, we usually can set it up within a week or so of your request.

Why is approval necessary?

  • Only Volunteers and Officers may use it.

  • Ensure that privacy issues are addressed and maintained.

  • We must be “Quiet Owners” so we can assist you when necessary.

  • We have had many outside requests that are not Dartmouth Alumni. This is why logging in to request one is now necessary.

OK, I requested one, what’s next?

  • We will contact you if we have questions or approve and populate as needed.

  • Once created and populated, we will send you instructions to get in.

  • At this point, your list already is done.

  • You may want to download the manual at

The Management Interface

  • At this point, we will talk about the management interface. The very first thing you will do is establish a password, login, and set a cookie so you do not need to login every time.

Click here to set a new password


The email address exactly as you entered it on the request as the owner. Your authentication is based on it!

It will send you a confirmation email that you must respond to.

Once you have responded to the password message, you can now login. Remember the email address must remain the same. Passwords ARE case sensitive.

If you click “Login” it will set a cookie so you do not have to login again from that computer.

If in a restricted environment, you may click “Login without setting cookie.”

Click “Follow This Link” underlined in the 2nd to last sentence. This will take you to the management interface directly.

  • There are five common areas that will be useful:

  • Subscribers- Add or remove subscribers

  • Configuration- Edit who owns the list, enable/disable features

  • Wizard- Probably the easiest way to adjust “Configuration” above

  • Moderation- You don’t have to moderate via email, you can also use the web interface

  • Bulk- Update the entire subscriber list with a new one in one fell swoop!


Examine or delete a subscription: If someone says “Take me off your list!” Here is where you can do it. If you know the email address, type it in here. Often, the user does not send you the email address, so you may need to find them by clicking “Review the list membership“ at the bottom of the page. And look through the entire list to find them. Choose “In a Browser window” or “by e-mail”. Other subscription options are also available such as digest or immediate mail.

Add a new subscriber is very easy, just type in the email address.


The configuration screen is the most efficient method of editing the lists’ overall configuration. Please use the “List Wizard” if you are not sure what you are doing here.

Important note: If your list was set up as a digest, it cannot be changed. Each individual needs to be adjusted one at a time if they want all emails individually. To do this, select “Subscribers” from the main menu and find each one and edit their individual options.

List Wizard

The List Wizard makes it a little more user friendly. Task oriented wizards can be confusing as well as categories of keywords, so we recommend using the “Alphabetical Keyword Listing.”


If there are any messages pending, they would appear here and you could approve them from here.


If you want to add an entire list of people to your list, you may do so here. Be very careful here, one option will delete your list of subscribers, another will replace it.

The list format must be a tab delimited, text file. First column must have email address, second column would import as their name.

Final Notes

  • The lists may also be maintained via email. Common email commands can be found at:

  • Still don’t get it? Feel free to contact me. I can usually help. 603-646-0974 or Tony Green.

  • If I cannot answer your questions, I will find someone who can.


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