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The Holy City in Israel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Holy City in Israel

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The Holy City in Israel

Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel. This city was made the capital of the Jewish nation by King David, 3000 years ago. Blessed by holy places and historical events, this city is worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims from all over the world.

Jerusalem is a modern city and Israel largest city

The first century rubs shoulders with the twenty-first century eachhustling for justice and space, in this city. Much more than the volume of its landmarks, Jerusalem is old and new. It consists of people with diversity as the four corner of the earth they have come from. Touring Israel has therefore been preferred by many and most of the times. To Jews, Jerusalem has always been "The Holy City". This city has always been respected by the Muslims and Christians of centuries. No wonder both internationally and locally, Jerusalem has a deep effect.

Holly Sites of Jerusalem

The Temple Mount, Kotel (Western or Wailing Wall), Dome of the Rock (Templum Domini),The Mount of Olives, Temple of Solomon (al-Aqsa Mosque), Temple Mount, Tomb of the Virgin, The Mount of Olives, Church of the Ascension, Church of St. Anne, The Via Dolorosa, Mount Zion, The Holy Sepulcher.

Jerusalem Museums:

Bloomfield Science Museum

The reason behind buildings not falling down, freezing motion and many more is taught by this museum to the children. Reportedly, this museum is a very good one. You must take your child to visit this. The Israel Tour Guide can guide you well about this and the other museums.

Israel Ministry of Finance, Museum of Taxes Something unique on the museum scene

In the field of taxation, this museum in Jerusalem is a source of inspiration and information for study and research activities.

Israel Museum of Jerusalem

A virtual tour of Israel's most beautiful collection of Judaica and archaeology can be taken in the Israel Museum of Jerusalem.

Italian Jewish Art

The Museum of Italian Jewish Art set out to preserve, collect, and present objects related to Jewish life. The museum is located in downtown Jerusalem.

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