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Pythagoras. Who was Pythagoras?. Born around 530 BCE (Before Common Era) in Samos, Greece. Traveled around Egypt, Greece and Italy. Pythagoras. Settled on the Eastern coast of Italy. Believed in transmigration of souls. Believed the soul was immortal.

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who was pythagoras
Who was Pythagoras?
  • Born around 530 BCE (Before Common Era) in Samos, Greece.
  • Traveled around Egypt, Greece and Italy.
  • Settled on the Eastern coast of Italy.
  • Believed in transmigration of souls.
  • Believed the soul was immortal.
pythagorean school or pythagorean brotherhood
Pythagorean School or Pythagorean Brotherhood

To be admitted to the Pythagorean School you had to be worthy, so there were tests both physical and intelectual.

There were three groups in the school.

  • The “Hearer” or those that belonged to the Outer Circle.

Hearers only listened to lectures and could not speak when in the presence of those who had been in the school a longer time.

This lasted for about 3 years.

pythagorean school or pythagorean brotherhood1
Pythagorean School or Pythagorean Brotherhood
  • The second group was the Student or Pythagorean that belonged to the Inner Circle.

Even then much time was spent in silence and contemplation and learning the secrets of the Science of Numbers. These secrets were not shared with the common people.

all is number
All is number
  • The third group was called Perfection. Here is where the real secrets were learned.

No one studied with Pythagoras until this level was reached.

The secret symbol of the Pythagoreans was a pentagram.

He married Theano who also became a member of the school.


The story is told of a certain member of the School who fell ill at a wayside inn, and died without being able to pay his bill. Before his death, he asked the inn-keeper to place a certain symbol on the road outside the inn. Months later another Pythagorean passed that way, saw the symbol and discharged the debt of his unknown friend. So did the Pythagoreans understand friendship, not as a matter of personal affection, but as that invisible bond which unites all who study the occult sciences and practice the disciplines of the ancient school

brotherhood of pythagoreans beliefs
Brotherhood of Pythagoreans beliefs
  • Number is the law of the universe.
  • Numbers awakened the “eye of wisdom”.
  • The number ONE is all, the generator of all numbers.
  • Vegetarian, must not eat meat
  • Always do what is right.
  • The triangle is the most important shape. It represents the Higher Trinity of the universe—Father, Mother, and Son.
brotherhood of pythagoreans beliefs1
Brotherhood of Pythagoreans beliefs
  • Deity starts with the Greek letter D which is written: Δ
  • Transmigration, the eternal nature of the soul comes back in human or animal form
  • Music was studied as a science and also has a healing agent
  • Astronomy was studied
  • Infused all nature with mathematical


brotherhood of pythagoreans beliefs2
Brotherhood of Pythagoreans beliefs
  • Pythagoras applied the Science of Numbers to music, giving the Western world the mathematical basis of its present musical system. The abstract Circle of music is Sound. The mathematical point within that circle, from which the music of our earth emerges, is the "Tone of Nature," called Kung by the ancient Chinese. The "line" of music, derived from the ratio 2:3, is what is now called the "perfect fifth."
brotherhood of pythagoreans beliefs3
Brotherhood of Pythagoreans beliefs
  • Had to take an oath of silence
  • Pythagorean teachings were only shared by a chosen few
  • The Pythagorean Theorem was found on a Babylonian tablet way before, around 1900-1600 BC, Pythagoras and his followers used it. The belief is that the Pythagoreans proved it.

The Egyptians measure their fields with lengths of knotted rope. The size of the farmer\'s field is used to work out how big his harvest will be, and how much tax he should pay. This knotted rope indicates a triangle with sides of length 3, 4 and 5 units.


Pythagoras\'s Theorem is all about right-angled triangles. If squares are constructed on the three sides of a right-angled triangle, then these three squares have a very simply but important connection. Can you see what it is?

a b c
a²+b² = c²
  • From Monday, July 31st to Sunday August 6th, 2000 in Makuhari, Tokyo, Japan, the International Conference on Mathematics Education (or ICME 9) took place. On the Saturday an exhibition was staged, called Mathematical Art in ICME 9. One exhibit was the rotating structure shown below. As it turned, liquid flowed from the largest square to fill up the two smaller squares, thus proving Pythagoras\'s theorem.