Yellowknife s time line by 3m range lake elementary yellowknife northwest territories
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Yellowknife’s Time Line By 3M Range Lake Elementary Yellowknife, Northwest Territories PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Yellowknife’s Time Line By 3M Range Lake Elementary Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. 3.962 Billion Years Ago Age of the world’s oldest rock found north of Yellowknife. 12 000 Years Ago Dene arrived in the NWT. 10 000 Years Ago End of the last Ice Age.

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Yellowknife’s Time Line By 3M Range Lake Elementary Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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Yellowknife’s Time LineBy 3MRange Lake ElementaryYellowknife, Northwest Territories

3.962 Billion Years AgoAge of the world’s oldest rock found north of Yellowknife

12 000 Years AgoDene arrived in the NWT

10 000 Years AgoEnd of the last Ice Age

4 500 Years AgoPre-Dorset people arrived in the Canadian Arctic(ancestors of today’s Inuit people)

2 700 Years AgoEvidence of NWT Dorset or Tunit people

1576Drawing by Lucas deHeere portrays an Inuk taken captive by Frobisher(the explorer)

1577Frobisher went to mine the black rock in the NWT

1719 (June) Captain James Knight, a former Hudson’s Bay Company employee,sailed from England to northern Canada in search of gold, copper anda Northwest Passage

1769Remains of a house built from ship materials was found on MarbleIsland (almost 50 years after Knight disappeared

1818Britain begins a serious effort to find the Northwest Passage

1819Parry’s expedition spent the winter of 1819-1820 on Melville Island,NWT

1820Sir John Franklin’s men built Fort Enterprise to serve as a base campon their way to the Arctic Ocean

1825Hostile encounters with Inuit at the mouth of the Mackenzie Riveralmost ended the 1825-27 expedition

1875Canada’s 1st RecordedCoal Mine-Ellesmere Island, NWT

1875Canada’s 1st RecordedCoal Mine-Ellesmere Island, NWT

1896Gold DiscoveryYellowknife Bay NWT

1903The Northwest Passage was traveled by boat with a Norwegian crew of 7

1920NWT Oil RushImperial Oil Find near present day Norman Well

1921(March 27) the first aircraft lands in the NWT

1926First mineral exploration flight to the NWT

1929Gilbert LaBine found uranium around Great Bear Lake. This started thefirst mine in the NWT called the Eldorado mine.First ‘air mail’ to NWT

1933Thousands of gold claims were staked near the Yellowknife River

1934Discovery of gold in the Yellowknife areaProspectors stake claims and live in this area which is the beginningof today’s city of Yellowknife, NWT

1935The original 21 Giant Gold Mine claims were staked by C.J Baker andH.M. Muir

1937Giant Yellowknife Mines, Ltd. was incorporatedRCMP Division founded in the NWT

19381st NWT Gold Brick Pouredby Con Mine @ Yellowknife

1941Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mines, Ltd. worked 46 claims at Thompson Lake(about 70 km N.E. of Yellowknife

1948Giant Gold Mine Opens in Yellowknife

1950A Jackleg drill was used to break open rock in the gold mines

1960Mackenzie Highway builtending at Yellowknife, NWT

1967Kimberlite Pipes FoundSommerset Island, NWT

1969Lupin Gold Discovery (Lac De Gras, NWT area)

1970’sSmall Scale Diamond Exploration (NWT)

19801st Lupin Winter Ice Road Built

1981Chuck Fipke collected sediment samples near Black Water Lake, NWT

1987The Pine Point lead and zinc mine closed

1991Charles Fipke discovered a kimberlite pipe under Lac de Gras, NWT

1992NWT Diamond Staking RushLac de Gras

1993BHP opens Koala Camp(future Ekati Mine) (Sept) Diavik Project office opened in YellowknifeDiavik discovers first 3 kimberlite pipes

1996Snap Lake Diamond Discovery by Windspear & Aber Resources

1997Winter Ice Road Traffic to Northern Mines:3 500 truckloads100 000 tonnesConstruction begins at BHP ‘s Mine

1998Winter Ice Road Traffic to Northern Mines:2 543 truckloads82 000 tonnes(Jan) Echo Bay Lupin Gold Mine ClosedBHP Diamonds started mining diamonds at their Ekati Mine

1999Winter Ice Road Traffic:1 844 truckloads57 000 tonnesOpen 57 days; Feb 1-Mar 30(Apr 1) Division of Northwest Territories creates Nunavut, Canada’s 3rd Territory(Jun 14) Sirius Diamonds NWT Ltd. opens Cutting & Polishing facilityin Yellowknife

2000Winter Ice Road Traffic :3 959 truckloads125 380 tonnesOpen 56 days; Feb 10-Apr 5

2001Winter Ice Road Traffic:7 981 truckloads22 725 tonnesOpen 49 days; Feb 24-Apr 14(Jan) Diavik Mine Construction Begins-approx 1000 workers on site

2002Winter Ice Road Traffic:7 768 truckloads230 000 tonnesOpen 68 days; Feb 11-Apr 20

2003Diavik Diamond Mines project scheduled to begin production

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