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Let's. Nature’s Pure Air. ion 4,100 ~ 4,300. -. ion 4,100 ~ 4,200. +. (ion/cm 3 ) (ion/cm 3 ). +. -. forest. 森林. Nature Gives us fresh & pure Air – at concentration levels best suited for Man. *actual measurement by SHARP. Nature’s Pure Air : A Closer Look.

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Let s

Nature’s Pure Air



~ 4,300




~ 4,200


(ion/cm3) (ion/cm3)





Nature Gives us fresh & pure Air – at

concentration levels best suited for Man

*actual measurement by SHARP

Let s

Nature’s Pure Air : A Closer Look

Air at Forest or a Park is Good !

? Why ?

Balanced, with little higher : Higher -ive Ion reduces stress

concentration of –ive ionsHigher +ive Ion causesrespiratory problems

Higher Ion Concentration : Forest/park Ion concentration is >4100ions/cm³

City outdoors (Road / Plaza / Square) Ion

concentration is < 900 ions / cm³

Pl see Graph next page

Let s

Living Condition in our Life

+  -

+  -

+  -


Well balanced

& plenty

Ions balanced, but low in concentration

Higher + Ions cause

Respiratory problems

Let s

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion – What it Does

Produce the same type of +ive & -ive ions (of +H & -O2) as those found in


And in similar concentration (ion /cm³) as found in a Forest

( 4100-4300 Ions/ cm³ )

Produce Ions exactly in similar balance (-ive > +ive) as found in a Forest

Sharp PCI Creates Fresh & Pure

Air as in Nature!

Let s

Fresh Air is New Life

Drinkable Water

Fresh Air

Mineral Water

Sharp PCI

Cost / Yr

Cost / Yr

Rs.20000 for 5 yrs

= Rs.4000 / yr

Rs.50 x 365 = Rs.18,250

Fresh Air is Life Itself

We are desperate to drink

safe Water

How does it work
How Does It Work ?















 Plasma Discharge Split Water Vapour into H (+ive) & O2 (-ive) ions

Ionsare unstable on their own

Positive ion

Negative ion

the water molecules cluster around the ion to stabilize it

Since the positive and negative ions are surrounded by water molecules, they can survive for extended periods.

Hence the name Plasmacluster

Let s

Sharp PlasmaCluster is effective Against


Smoke Odor

Pet Odor

and Hairs

Toilet Odor






Dead Ticks



Bacteria & Viruses - Influenza, MRSA, Poliovirus, Coxsackie, Staph, E. Coli, Colon Basillus, Cladosporium, Aspergitlus Cigarette Smoke, Mold Spores & Germs, Pollen, Dust, Pet Odors, Exhaust Fumes, Formaldehyde

Let s

Proven Effectiveness

Effectiveness of PCI has been Proven in Labs Around the World

  • 99.8% of allergens in dust mite droppings are removed 1

  • 99.9% pollen allergens are removed 2

  • 99.9% of viruses are removed 2

  • 99% bacteria is removed 3

  • 99.9% Mold Growth

  • Anti-microbial HEPA Filter catches 99.97% of 0.3 micron household dust particles.

  • Tested by Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation

  • Tested by Hiroshima University Graduate School of Advance Matter

  • Tested by Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) Lab oratory for Infectious Diseases and Control

Let s

The magic of Plusmacluster Ions

Aged 60, female

<After 28days of use>

<Before use>

Lines run in a single direction; no net-like structure is evident

Skin texture is deeper, with a clearly visible lacy, net-like structure.

Texture is rough and brittle

Texture looks softer, moisturized & nourished

  • PCI Effect on Skin Texture

  • Removes unhealthy sheen by curbing Excess Sebum

  • Controls Staphylococcus Aureus Bacteria on the Skin


A milestone in inventions by sharp
A Milestone in Inventions by Sharp

Winner of the Invention Prize at the 2008 National Invention Awards Ceremony

held by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation

Patented by Sharp (Patent No.3680121)

Let s

Not just a Air Purifier

The British Allergy Association

The Sharp FPN40CX system has been awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval. ( FPN40CX is a modified version of FU-40SE)

BAF Seal of Approval is acknowledged as the

most recognized mark for allergy suffers.

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