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Continuous Improvement with
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This presentation lets you know about the factor of operational excellence and how it helps your organisation to have a continuous improvement. It makes you aware of the time when you need to concern with operational excellence, the right time to address it. So let your organisation be at competitive world for long with operational excellence.

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Get Continuous Improvement with Operational Excellence

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Get continuous improvement with operational excellence

Continuous Improvement with Operational Excellence

Create Standard Work for Flow Easily with Operational Excellence

Operational excellence


Systematic management of all the processes toachieve world class performanceby:

Efficient utilization oftools

Optimization ofResources

Elimination of process waste /inefficiencies


Let Your Organization Be at Competitive World for Long

Lack of operational excellence

Lack of operational Excellence…


low profitability andcash


When do you addressit?


Operational excellence becomes a concern w hen

Operational Excellence Becomes aConcern when…

  • Cash flow starts to get a littletight

    • Trouble meetingpayroll

    • Suppliers are screaming forpayments

    • Inventory is out ofcontrol

    • Expenses are rising faster thanrevenue

  • Backlog starts toshrink

  • Opportunities are missed due to cash flowissues


Get continuous improvement with operational excellence

  • Improving Profitability – TraditionalApproach

  • CFO/Department Head is responsible tolead

  • the cost cuttingefforts

  • Focus usually is on cuttingexpenses

Reduce EmployeePerks


Workforce Reduction

Extend PaymentTerms

Scrutinize Purchasing


Performance improvement strategic approach

Performance Improvement: StrategicApproach

Generate Ideasto achieve a better level ofoutput

measure the current levelof performance


Performance improvement is allabout



Get continuous improvement with operational excellence

  • Ideas Shouldbe…

  • Effective

  • Efficient,and

  • Adhere toMarket Forces


Get continuous improvement with operational excellence

How to Generate The Ideas

Value StreamMapping

Eliminate Waste


Increase Profits

VisualizeYour Processes

  • Lean: A business system for organizing and managing product development, operations, suppliers, and customer relations to create precise customer value—goods and services with higher quality and fewer defects—withless human effort, less space, less capital, and less time than the traditional system of mass production.

  • Value Stream Mapping is a Lean technique used to analyze the flow of materials and information currently required to bring aproduct or service to aconsumer.


Purpose of value stream mapping

Purpose of Value StreamMapping

  • Identify processes where “Lean” techniques canbe applied

  • Help reduce / eliminate waittime

  • Eliminate processwaste

  • Reduce production cycle and processingtime

  • Understand process linkages anddependencies

  • Create the basis for “Lean” implementationplan


Value stream mapping case study

Value Stream Mapping – CaseStudy


Business case



Losing Business to competitors dueto

long lead times and latedeliveries.


Improve lead time performance by synchronizing production with customer demand.


  • IdealState

  • On-Demand

  • DefectFree

  • •1-By-1

  • LowestCost

Reduce flow time to meetcustomer demand.

Reduce RAW, WIP and FGIlevels.


Total flowtime




Value stream map current process

Value Stream Map – CurrentProcess


Team brain storming session

Team Brain StormingSession

  • Can Customer increase the size of the blanket order and provide us with a longer term forecastvisibility?

  • Can we flow the demand down to the supplier with a longer termvisibility?

  • How can we reduce waittime?

  • How can we reduce change overtime?

  • Can we reduce lotsize?

  • Can we merge production processes to reduce travel time?


Value stream map future process

Value Stream Map- FutureProcess


Strategy implementation check list

Strategy Implementation CheckList

  • People



  • Product

  • Systems



  • Processes


Next step


  • How would you apply Value Stream Mapping intoyour

  • Business?

    • Share the business challenge with your keystaff.

    • Define businesscase

    • Define a high level businessprocess

    • Define activities for each business process including waittime.

    • Randomly pick a minimum of 5 current jobs and record all activities and time. From the initial customer call to receipt of payment for the goods orservices.

    • Map the process – this is your current value streammap

    • Categorize each activity as value added or non valueadded

    • Define a map eliminating as many of the non valueadded

  • activities – now you have a first draft of the futurestate


Next step1


  • StrategicPricing

  • Set the pricewhich is easily accessible to mass ofbuyers

  • UsePricing

  • CorridorTool

  • Adoption

  • Create aconsensus

  • Address adoption hurdles in actualizing the strategy

  • BalanceScorecard

  • Identify Initiative

  • Does your product offer exceptional Buyerutility?

  • Use BuyerUtility Map

  • Align Operations

  • Set TargetProfit

  • Come upwith

  • TargetCost

  • StreamlineCost Innovation


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