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TFA Day 01

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TFA Day 01. Warm-up Day 14 2/24. TURN IN WEEK 4 PACKETS! 2 sheets of loose-leaf paper for today “ Until lions have their own storytellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.” – Nigerian proverb.

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warm up day 14 2 24
Warm-up Day 14 2/24
  • TURN IN WEEK 4 PACKETS! 2 sheets of loose-leaf paper for today
  • “Until lions have their own storytellers, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter.” – Nigerian proverb.
  • What does this proverb mean to you? Why do you suppose we are discussing it right before reading a Nigerian novel? Think about what you learned about colonialism and the “Scramble for Africa” last year in World History. Write at least six sentences.
  • Chinua Achebe
  • Read biography and answer questions on separate sheet of paper
equiano and the middle passage1
Equiano and the Middle Passage
  • 1501 – First enslaved Africans brought to Santo Domingo by Spaniards
  • 1888 – slavery abolished in Brazil, end of transatlantic slave trade
  • Between 10-15 million Africans kidnapped for the trade. 2 million died en route to the New World
  • Only one survivor of the Middle Passage ever wrote a detailed autobiography of the experience
  • Read Equiano in groups and ultimately design poster.
  • One researcher, one illustrator, one writer per group. (you choose who is who, but be sure to specify on sheet)
  • Each group focuses on one section of reading. Translate section in entirety to modern American English.
  • After translation, design informational poster with at least TEN symbols or short text boxes.
  • Share.
p2 groups
P2 Groups

“Manners, Customs, and Administration of Justice”

Ja’Quan, H’Yin, Noah

Arthur, Simone, Tom

“Marriage Ceremony and Public Entertainment”

Aubrianna, Tom, Tania

Chris, Jasadi, John

“Mode of Living and Dress”

Montey, Marquea, Michael

Frank,Chris, Ahiren

“Buildings and Manufacturers”

Jaylen, Savion, Tierra

De’Asia, Kamiya, Tyler


Kaliya, Joshua, Beni

p3 groups
P3 Groups

Manners, Customs, and Administration of Justice”

Joseph, Ismael, Bryan

Richy, Jasmine J, Hynia

“Marriage Ceremony and Public Entertainment”

Leyah, John, Janea

“Mode of Living and Dress”

Jessica, Thomas, Braxton

Jaeda,Darius, Kelly, Alex

“Buildings and Manufacturers”

Jasmine R, Jacquan, Phyginia

Jordine, Dai’Shanna, Cameron


Malik, Jazmin Y, Michaela

Juan, Joshua, Kevin

p4 groups
P4 Groups

“Manners, Customs, and Administration of Justice”

Blaire, Ana F, Whitney

“Marriage Ceremony and Public Entertainment”

Ashley, Alan, Brenyanah

“Mode of Living and Dress”

Sydnee, Christian, Sharief

Malik, Cameron, Alexander

“Buildings and Manufacturers”

Dezmon, Rashid, Zenovia


Tahj, Kaileem, Quandarius

  • Read Chapters 1-4 by Tuesday
  • That means chapters 1,2,3,4 in their entirety, not “up to 4” or etc
  • “by Tuesday” means that you have already read chapters 1,2,3,4 before you arrive in class on Tuesday.