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Israel. (Fili). What Taiwanese know about Israel …. The typical response when I say I ’ m from Israel: You don ’ t look Israeli. I thought Israelis have darker skin . I ‘ m Christian, I ’ ve always wanted to go visit the Holy Land ( … but I ’ m too scared )

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What taiwanese know about israel

What Taiwanese know about Israel…

The typical response when I say I’m from Israel:

  • You don’t look Israeli. I thought Israelis have darker skin.

  • I‘m Christian, I’ve always wanted to go visit the Holy Land (… but I’m too scared)

  • Israeli people are very clever. Israelis are very good at making money.

  • Oh, I know, I know…Israel and Palestine– fight fight.

Where is israel

Where is Israel?

Depends who you talk to:

  • I’m Asian too– Israel is at the far west side of Asia.

  • Israel is in the middle east– but very different from all other middle eastern countries.

  • … Which is why, for many things, like international sports competitions, trade agreements etc. Israel is usually considered to be in Europe.

  • Israel has a very Mediterranean culture– personality, food, music…

On the world map

On the world map

Israel s size

Israel’s size

Compare Taiwan and


And you thought

Taiwan was small.

Israel general facts

Israel – General facts

  • Most holy of places : Almost half the world population considers Israel to be the holiest of places.

  • Israel is a democracy.

  • Israel’s economy is mainly based on IT. No natural resources.

  • Israel declared independence in 1948.

Current political situation

Current political situation

Neighboring Countries:

  • Peace treaty with Egypt.

  • Peace treaty with Jordan.

  • Very cold cease fire with Syria.

  • Cease-fire with Lebanon. War during 2006.

  • An on-going struggle with thePalestinian Authorities and terror groups.





  • 7 million people.

  • 77% Jews, 18.5% Arabs, 4.3% other.

  • 76% Jews, 16.2% Muslim, 8.8% Christian, 8.4% Druze.

  • Today :

    • 68% are Israeli born

    • 22% from Europe (+Russia) or the US

    • 10% from Asia, Middle East and Africa.



  • Official language – Hebrew (希伯來語)

  • Minorities – Arabic.

  • Tourists and international Jews – English.

    • We also have a Hebrew to English name translation problem.

Israeli jews grandparents come from everywhere

Israeli Jews’ grandparents come from… EVERYWHERE

  • Israel– some have been in Israel for a long time (~5-10%).

  • Europe– All over, like Austro-Hungary. ~25%.

  • Middle East– Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran… ~25%.

  • North America - ~5%.

  • Former USSR– Russia. Over 10%.

  • A bit from Africa (Ethiopia…) : 3-5%

The orthodox religious

The orthodox religious

מאה שערים

Mea Shearim

The druze and their secret religion

The Druze and their secret religion

Soldiers like my sister high school tour guide

Soldiers … like my sister (high-school tour-guide)

ככר ציון

Kikar Tzion

Foreign workers usually from china thailand

Foreign workers… usually from China/Thailand

רחוב יפו

Jaffa Street

Young israelis

Young Israelis



(Actually we have everything but good Asian food)

The most popular israeli dish hummus

The most popular Israeli dish - Hummus



In Tainan you can taste some

Hummus at the Greek restaurant

(80公園路, but, ours is better!)

Another israeli obsession falafel

Another Israeli obsession - Falafel

Falafel usually comes in a pita or lafa

Falafel usually comes in a Pita or Lafa

Something with meat we love shwarma

Something with meat? We LOVE Shwarma

Usually Lamb, but young Chicken is okay too.

Comes in a Pita or Lafa.

Taiwanese version on 大學路 in the evenings. Taiwanese prefer it to be Chicken in a sandwich.

Israeli salad we love our salads

“Israeli” salad – we LOVE our salads

3 large tomatoes

3 medium cucumber

6-8 large lettuce leafs

1 red pepper (sweet)

4-5 small radishes (optional)

1/2 small onion

1/2 squeezed lemon

3-5 spoonful olive oilsalt, pepper

Visit the israeli restaurant

Visit the Israeli restaurant

  • If you’re ever in Taipei…

  • - 4 Branches and growing...

  • Full Israeli menu.

Want to have a look

Want to have a look?

Jerusalem my neighborhood

JerusalemMy neighborhood

My parents house where i grew up

My parents’ house, where I grew up

My coffee place sometimes the prime ministers

My coffee place (sometimes, the Prime Ministers’)

Where i sometimes have breakfast

Where I sometimes have breakfast

A 2000 years old grave just for me and my dog

A 2000 years old grave… just for me and my dog

An old windmill with a chinese restaurant

An old windmill (with a Chinese restaurant)

An old monastery jesus did something here

An old monastery – Jesus did something here…

A view of the old city

A view of the old city

More of jerusalem

More of Jerusalem

The crying wall and the golden dome of rock

The Crying Wall and The Golden Dome of Rock

The russian square

The Russian Square

Ein carem where jesus met john

Ein Carem – where Jesus met John

The german colony first west side settlers

The German Colony – first west side settlers

Newer german colony

Newer German Colony

Overlooking from the hebrew university

Overlooking from the Hebrew University

Jerusalem gets snow about a week a year

Jerusalem gets snow about a week a year

Going down south negev the desert

Going down southNegev - The desert

Ramon crater world s biggest crater

Ramon Crater – world’s biggest crater

Desert wildlife

Desert Wildlife

Eilat israel s tourist resort southern city

Eilat – Israel’s tourist resort southern city

Eilat diving and sea life

Eilat – Diving and sea-life

Haifa up in the north

Haifa up in the north

The bahay gardens haifa

The Bahay Gardens - Haifa

General overlook on haifa

General overlook on Haifa

Tel aviv west side

Tel-Aviv : West side

The best chillout the beach

The best chillout – the beach!

Tel aviv s seashore

Tel Aviv’s seashore

Tel aviv neve tsedek

Tel Aviv – Neve Tsedek


Tel aviv neve tsedek1

Tel Aviv – Neve Tsedek


Curious want to know more

Curious?Want to know more?

Want to know more

Want to know more?

  • If you’ve got any questions – email

    Read Taiwanese blogs in Chinese about Israel :

Want to know more1

Want to know more?

  • Watch the Taiwanese visit Israel on “World number 1”:

Contact the taiwan office in tel aviv

Contact the Taiwan office in Tel-Aviv

  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel-Aviv, Israel

    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6115, Tel-Aviv 61060, Israel

    • Phone: (+972-3) 607-4788

    • Fax: (+972-3) 695-4742

    • E-mail:

      They even have a blog:

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