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Israel. (Fili). What Taiwanese know about Israel …. The typical response when I say I ’ m from Israel: You don ’ t look Israeli. I thought Israelis have darker skin . I ‘ m Christian, I ’ ve always wanted to go visit the Holy Land ( … but I ’ m too scared )

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What Taiwanese know about Israel…

The typical response when I say I’m from Israel:

  • You don’t look Israeli. I thought Israelis have darker skin.

  • I‘m Christian, I’ve always wanted to go visit the Holy Land (… but I’m too scared)

  • Israeli people are very clever. Israelis are very good at making money.

  • Oh, I know, I know…Israel and Palestine– fight fight.

Where is Israel?

Depends who you talk to:

  • I’m Asian too– Israel is at the far west side of Asia.

  • Israel is in the middle east– but very different from all other middle eastern countries.

  • … Which is why, for many things, like international sports competitions, trade agreements etc. Israel is usually considered to be in Europe.

  • Israel has a very Mediterranean culture– personality, food, music…

On the world map

Israel’s size

Compare Taiwan and


And you thought

Taiwan was small.

Israel – General facts

  • Most holy of places : Almost half the world population considers Israel to be the holiest of places.

  • Israel is a democracy.

  • Israel’s economy is mainly based on IT. No natural resources.

  • Israel declared independence in 1948.

Current political situation

Neighboring Countries:

  • Peace treaty with Egypt.

  • Peace treaty with Jordan.

  • Very cold cease fire with Syria.

  • Cease-fire with Lebanon. War during 2006.

  • An on-going struggle with thePalestinian Authorities and terror groups.



  • 7 million people.

  • 77% Jews, 18.5% Arabs, 4.3% other.

  • 76% Jews, 16.2% Muslim, 8.8% Christian, 8.4% Druze.

  • Today :

    • 68% are Israeli born

    • 22% from Europe (+Russia) or the US

    • 10% from Asia, Middle East and Africa.


  • Official language – Hebrew (希伯來語)

  • Minorities – Arabic.

  • Tourists and international Jews – English.

    • We also have a Hebrew to English name translation problem.

Israeli Jews’ grandparents come from… EVERYWHERE

  • Israel– some have been in Israel for a long time (~5-10%).

  • Europe– All over, like Austro-Hungary. ~25%.

  • Middle East– Morocco, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran… ~25%.

  • North America - ~5%.

  • Former USSR– Russia. Over 10%.

  • A bit from Africa (Ethiopia…) : 3-5%

The orthodox religious

מאה שערים

Mea Shearim

The Druze and their secret religion

Soldiers … like my sister (high-school tour-guide)

ככר ציון

Kikar Tzion

Foreign workers… usually from China/Thailand

רחוב יפו

Jaffa Street

Young Israelis


(Actually we have everything but good Asian food)

The most popular Israeli dish - Hummus



In Tainan you can taste some

Hummus at the Greek restaurant

(80公園路, but, ours is better!)

Another Israeli obsession - Falafel

Falafel usually comes in a Pita or Lafa

Something with meat? We LOVE Shwarma

Usually Lamb, but young Chicken is okay too.

Comes in a Pita or Lafa.

Taiwanese version on 大學路 in the evenings. Taiwanese prefer it to be Chicken in a sandwich.

“Israeli” salad – we LOVE our salads

3 large tomatoes

3 medium cucumber

6-8 large lettuce leafs

1 red pepper (sweet)

4-5 small radishes (optional)

1/2 small onion

1/2 squeezed lemon

3-5 spoonful olive oilsalt, pepper

Visit the Israeli restaurant

  • If you’re ever in Taipei…

  • - 4 Branches and growing...

  • Full Israeli menu.

Want to have a look?

JerusalemMy neighborhood

My parents’ house, where I grew up

My coffee place (sometimes, the Prime Ministers’)

Where I sometimes have breakfast

A 2000 years old grave… just for me and my dog

An old windmill (with a Chinese restaurant)

An old monastery – Jesus did something here…

A view of the old city

More of Jerusalem

The Crying Wall and The Golden Dome of Rock

The Russian Square

Ein Carem – where Jesus met John

The German Colony – first west side settlers

Newer German Colony

Overlooking from the Hebrew University

Jerusalem gets snow about a week a year

Going down southNegev - The desert

Ramon Crater – world’s biggest crater

Desert Wildlife

Eilat – Israel’s tourist resort southern city

Eilat – Diving and sea-life

Haifa up in the north

The Bahay Gardens - Haifa

General overlook on Haifa

Tel-Aviv : West side

The best chillout – the beach!

Tel Aviv’s seashore

Tel Aviv – Neve Tsedek


Tel Aviv – Neve Tsedek


Curious?Want to know more?

Want to know more?

  • If you’ve got any questions – email

    Read Taiwanese blogs in Chinese about Israel :

Want to know more?

  • Watch the Taiwanese visit Israel on “World number 1”:

Contact the Taiwan office in Tel-Aviv

  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel-Aviv, Israel

    • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6115, Tel-Aviv 61060, Israel

    • Phone: (+972-3) 607-4788

    • Fax: (+972-3) 695-4742

    • E-mail:

      They even have a blog:

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