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Dexterous writing tips for erotica
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Dexterous writing tips for erotica

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Dexterous writing tips for erotica

Dexterous writing tips for erotica

Gist behind an erotica

Gist behind an Erotica

  • The main focus of an erotica is romance.

  • Jotting down a romantic scene in a novel besides maintaining its true essence is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Quintessential of an erotica

Quintessential of an Erotica

  • Erotica is often misunderstood as vulgarity though it is far behind that if the writer knows the way of penning it down.

  • In an erotica, the relationship can have a bitter end but erotic romance novel ends as one of those happily ever after fairy tales.

Loopholes of writing

Loopholes of writing

  • Constraining thoughts.

  • Write strong and explicit intimate contents

  • Scrutinize the new ideas like paranormal elements, fantasies, historical fiction, etc.

Fabricating a romantic scene

Fabricating a romantic scene

  • They must be riveting, frank and move the story along.

  • Focus on the jargons that are used in erotica.

  • There has to be a story and plot that should be justified by the characters and scenes.

Dexterous writing tips for erotica

  • Chuck drifting from the main characters and plot of the story.

  • The story shouldn’t be constrained to the intimate scene rather the scenes must be incorporated in the story.

  • The main and prime focus of the book should be the content and theme of the book.

Knitting the links

Knitting the links

  • The supporting characters must be given the due and deserved credit.

  • The link between two scenes or characters must be a smooth transition

Erotica a taboo

Erotica: A taboo

  • In India, erotica is much of a taboo

  • It is taken as a demeaning thing

  • No matter how many people enjoy reading it, it would be read behind closed doors covered up behind a study book or other magazine

Proud of your writing

Proud of your writing

  • Be comfortable with what you write

  • Be proud of what you write

  • Erotica is just a genre of writing that must be dealt in a matured manner.

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