Dm2010 high density nuclear matter stellenbosch south africa
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Hagedorn states and Thermalization PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DM2010, High Density Nuclear Matter, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Hagedorn states and Thermalization. (courtesy L. Ferroni). Hadronization at the phase boundary…?. Hadronization – molecular dynamical simulation. C. Traxler et al., PRC59 1620 (1999). … Hagedorn spectrum.

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Hagedorn states and Thermalization

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DM2010, High Density Nuclear Matter, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hagedorn states andThermalization


L. Ferroni)


at the phase boundary…?

Hadronization –

molecular dynamical simulation

C. Traxler et al., PRC59 1620 (1999)

… Hagedorn spectrum

Hadron Resonance Gas with Hagedorn States and comparison to lattice QCD close to

J. Noronha-Hostler, J. Noronha, CG arXiv:0909.2908

  • Hagedorn spectrum:

  • RBC collaboration:

The order and shape of QGP phase transition

I.Zakout, CG and J. Schaffner-Bielich, NPA 781 (2007) 150,

PRC78:034916 and arXiv: 1002.3119

density of states:

Crossover transition in bag-like models

L. Ferroni and V. Koch, PRC79 (2009) 034905

density of states:

Strangeness production at SpS energies

Production of Antihyperons:

QGP signature…?

J. Geiss

P. Koch, B. Müller, J. Rafelski

Production of Anti-Baryons

Multimesonic channels

R.Rapp and E. Shuryak,

Phys.Rev.Lett.86(2001) 2980

C.Greiner and S.Leupold, J.Phys. G27(2001) L95




Chemical Freeze-out and of QCD

(P. Braun-Munzinger, J. Stachel, C. Wetterich,Phys.Lett.B596:61-69 (2004))

Chemical equilibration

of baryon / anti-baryons:

Hadronic resonance gas

vs. lattice:

Multimesonic channels:

Possible solution by Hagedorn states

C. Greiner, P. Koch, F. Liu,

I. Shovkovy, H. Stöcker

J.Phys.G31 (2005)‏

Estimate for baryon/antibaryon production

(Micro)canonical decay of Hagedorn States

(Fuming Liu)‏

J. Noronha-Hostler, CG, I. Shovkovy,

PRL 100:252301, 2008; and arXiv:0909.2908

Rate Equations

Decay Widths

Linear fit (PDG)‏


Baryon anti-baryon decay ((micro)canonical)‏

the average proton number is

Analogously for Kaons, Lambdas and Omegas (!)

Time Scale Estimate

Assuming and



Rising Populations

  • pions andHS held at equilibrium:



Expanding fireball

Varying parameters has only small effect!


Varying parameters has only small effect!





The strange sector of baryons/antibaryons

Importance of baryonicHS ?


Potential Hagedorn States close to critical temperature:

  • can explain fast chemical equilibration by HS regeneration

  • roughly:

  • roughly:

  • smaller shear viscosity of QCD matter at

  • Future: embedding into UrQMD

J. Noronha-Hostler, M. Beitel, CG,

I.Shovkovy arXiv:0909.2908, PRC in press










many thanks, Jean

Particle Ratios as a Probe of the QCD Critical Temperature

J. Noronha-Hostler, H. Ahmad,

J. Noronha, CG, arXiv:0906.3960

Hagedorn States provide a unique method to compare lattice results for Tc using thermal fits

Hagedorn states provide a lower chi^2 than thermal fits without Hagedorn states

Transport Coefficients of Hadronic Matter near

J. Noronha-Hostler, J. Noronha, CG,

PRL103:172302 (2009)

While both η (due to the small MFP of HS) and s increase with increasing T, the entropy increases quicker close to Tc, which decreases η/s.


of a hadron gas including HS matches well with the lattice at


Three-particle interactions through parton rearrangement

UrQMD+ Recombination, Baryonfusion, Quark annihilation

[H.Petersen et al. , arXiv:0805.0567v1 (2008)]

[G.Gräf, diploma thesis, Frankfurt (2009)]

Same mechanism previously implemented in QGSM

[Bleibel , Burau et al. , arXiv: nucl-th/0610021 (2007)]

[Bleibel , Burau et al. , arXiv: 0711.3366 (2008)]


Lambda multiplicity

Elliptic flow excitation function


Quark annihilation

- preliminary -

C.Greiner, AIP Conf. Proc. 644:337 (2003)‏

production at RHIC

Thermal rates within

chiral SU(3) description

Chemical population of

baryons / anti-baryons:

I. Shovkovy, J. Kapusta (2003)

P. Huovinen, J. Kapusta (2004)

Insufficient by a factor of 3 to 4




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