Grammar pre intermediate
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Grammar Pre - intermediate PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grammar Pre - intermediate. Present Perfect Continuous. Introduction. Look from the window. Is it raining ? No, but there is wet outside. It has been raining . Form. Have/has been + - ing. Usage.

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Grammar Pre - intermediate

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Grammar pre intermediate


Present Perfect Continuous



  • Look from the window. Is it raining?

  • No, but there is wet outside. It has been raining.

Grammar pre intermediate


Have/has been + -ing



  • The Present Perfect Continuous is used for an activity that has recently stopped or just stopped.

  • There is strong connection with now.

    You’re out of breath. Have you beenrunning?

    Where have you been? I’ve beenlookingfor you everywhere.

    Why are you so untidy? I’vebeenrepairing my car.

How long

How long… ?

  • It began raining two hours ago and it is still raining.

  • How long has it been raining?

  • It has been raining for two hours.

  • It has been raining since ten o’clock.



  • How long have you beenlearning English?

  • Where have you been? I’vebeenwaiting for you for ages.

  • He loves playing computer games. He has been playingthe games all day.

  • Jane hasn’t been feeling well recently.

  • I buy this newspaper every day. I’vebeenbuying it for years. (=action repeated over a period of time.)



  • Don’t disturb me now. I’m studying.

  • Hurry up! I’m waiting!

  • I’ve been studying hard. Now I’m going to have a break.

  • We’ve been waiting for an hour.



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Ask the questions

Ask the questions:

  • You meet Jane as she is leaving the swimming pool. (you/swim?)

  • Yourfriendtells you about his new job. (how long/you/work?)

  • Your see your friend with very dirty hands. (what/you/do?)

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