Arkansas cancer plan implementation grant rfa workshop
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Arkansas Cancer Plan Implementation Grant RFA Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arkansas Cancer Plan Implementation Grant RFA Workshop. Agenda. AR Cancer Plan AR Red Counties Report SMART Objectives Work Plan The Application Questions & Comments Networking Opportunities. Arkansas Cancer Coalition.

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  • AR Cancer Plan

  • AR Red Counties Report

  • SMART Objectives

  • Work Plan

  • The Application

  • Questions & Comments

  • Networking Opportunities

Arkansas cancer coalition
Arkansas Cancer Coalition

Mission Statement of the Arkansas Cancer Coalition:” To facilitate and provide partnerships to reduce the human suffering and economic burden from cancer for the citizens of Arkansas.”


The Arkansas Cancer Coalition (ACC) will award community grants to ACC Partners who work to implement evidence based and promising practices of proven cancer control strategies in communities that advance specific goals, objectives and strategies of the Arkansas Cancer Plan (ACP) chapters outlined below.

Chapter 1, Prevention 

Chapter 2, Screening and Detection 

Chapter 3, Access to Treatment

Chapter 5, Disparities

Chapter 7, Survivorship

Chapter 8, Palliative Care

Chapter 9, Professional Education

Chapter 10, Surveillance and Reporting

The Arkansas Cancer Plan

  • Serves as outline for at the state and local levels for cancer prevention, detection and care efforts in Arkansas.

  • Identifies activities for coordinated action by government, the private sector, the non-profit sector, Arkansas’ communities and people.

  • Chapter 1, Prevention 

  • Chapter 2, Screening and Detection 

  • Chapter 3, Access to Treatment

  • Chapter 5, Disparities

  • Chapter 7, Survivorship

  • Chapter 8, Palliative Care

  • Chapter 9, Professional Education

  • Chapter 10, Surveillance and Reporting

Goal A: Decrease Tobacco Use and Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke (SHS)

Objective 1: Promote and encourage a comprehensive tobacco-free law in all public places and encourage voluntary change towards smoke-free homes, cars, and private establishments (Public places may include all forms of public transportation, stadiums, arenas, public libraries, airports, etc.) through:

Strategy 2 – Implementing media and social marketing campaigns that provide the public with general information and education on the hazards of SHS exposure and benefits of smoke-free environments

Financial Access to Treatment

Lack of adequate insurance is a large barrier to medical care in the US, as well as cancer care in Arkansas.

Goal A: Ensure That Arkansans Affected By Cancer Are Aware Of and Have Access To, Appropriate, High Quality Care.

Objective 2: Increase the percentage of radiation therapy and

other treatment facilities offering low-cost transportation services

to patients.

Strategy 1 – Identify barriers to provision of low-cost


Strategy 2 – Based on the barriers identified, partner

with groups across the state to discuss and plan how to

eliminate these barriers.

Goal A: Reduce Cancer Control Disparities in Arkansas

Objective 3: Increase cancer disparities documentation and intervention on a systematic basis in Arkansas.

Strategy 3 – Expand and enforce cancer data collection and reporting on racial/ethnic minorities and use subpopulation

groups where possible.

Ar red county life expectancy profile
AR Red County Life Expectancy Profile

Prepared by:

The Arkansas Department of Health – Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities

In conjunction with the Arkansas Minority Health Commission

In accordance to Act 790 and Act 798 of 2011

2012 19 county chronic disease survey
2012 19-County Chronic Disease Survey

Prepared by:

The Arkansas Department of Health –In conjunction with the Arkansas Minority Health Commission and UALR Institute of Government

SMART Objectives






Examples of NOT SMART Objectives

  • Create a cancer screening media plan.

  • (Not specific, measurable, or time-bound )

  • Increase breast cancer knowledge by developing a poster contest.

  • (Not specific, measurable, achievable, time-bound, or relevant)

Examples of NOT SMART Objectives

  • Eliminate breast cancer in ABC County by tomorrow.

  • (Not achievable)

  • Reduce the amount of cancer in women by June 2008.

  • (Not specific or measurable)

Examples of SMART Objectives

  • By August 2014, conduct 3 community meetings to identify local resources as payment options for services not covered by the CSP.

  • By November 2014, recruit 10 ASK Me locations in underserved zip codes of each county in the service area to refer and enroll at least 80 new clients.

Examples of SMART Objectives

  • By December 2014, identify 25 individuals through local churches to participate in a one-on-one recruitment training.

  • By December 2014, recruit 2 new colorectal cancer screening and diagnostic service providers in the service area.

  • By April 30, 2014, assess partnership membership and invite at least 3 new partners, ensuring that all counties in the service area are represented.

Example of Performance/Outcome IndicatorsWorkplan

The application
The Application Performance/Outcome Indicators

Antici Performance/Outcome Indicatorspated Timeline?

The Performance/Outcome Indicators Application-Page Limitations

I: Cover Letter 1 page maximum

II: Abstract 1 page maximum

III: Statement of Need, 2 pages maximum Vision &Sustainability

IV: Program Narrative 2 pages maximum

V: Workplan Template No page limit

VI: Project Management Plan 1 page maximum

Detailed Budget & Narrative No page limit

The Performance/Outcome Indicators Application-Format

  • Font style and size – Times New Roman 12 point

  • 1.5 spacing (except for Abstract that may be single spaced)

  • One inch margins (top/bottom/right/left)

  • Pages numbered with appropriate headings

The Performance/Outcome Indicators Application-Format

  • Use specified format

  • Held together by a single binder clip only (no staples, notebooks, rubber bands, spirals, etc.)

  • Original with signatures (marked original) and one (1) electronic copy (CD, flash drive, e-mail, etc.)

Budget Performance/Outcome Indicators

  • Restrictions Performance/Outcome Indicators

  • Funding is restricted to certain allowable costs.

  • For a detailed list of allowable costs, download the ACC Grants and Procedures Manual  please see:

  • *Some restrictions apply: Performance/Outcome Indicators

  • Funds may not be used for fundraising activities or for lobbying or expenses related to either fundraising or lobbying.

  • Funds may not be used for entertainment or incidental costs related to entertainment (beverages, alcohol, rentals, transportation, gratuities.)

  • Examples of allowable costs are speaker fees and travel, educational tools, workforce development, advertising, conference/meeting costs, printing, food (not to exceed 10% of requested budget).

For technical assistance with budgets, please contact Performance/Outcome Indicators

Rachael Moore

501-603-5204 office

[email protected]

The Performance/Outcome Indicators Application

  • Appendix

  • Certification of Good Standing (SOS Office)

  • Contract & Grant Disclosure & Certification Form

  • ACC Partner Profile Form (if applicable)

Advance Performance/Outcome Indicators

Peer Review


Technical Review

Scientific Review

If Yes

If Yes

Application Received

If Yes

If No

If No

Rank Scored Applications

Peer Review Member Recruitment

No Further Action Required

No Further Action Required

Determine Recommended list based on funding availability/allocation

Technical, Scientific & Peer Review Member Training & Assignments

Grant Negotiation (if required)

Board Approval

Re-advertise RFA

If No

If Yes

Grant Notification/ Award

Scoring Process & Criteria

Do’s Performance/Outcome Indicators

  • Follow RFA exactly.

  • Use Arkansas Cancer Plan as your guideline.

  • Make your strongest “selling” point.

  • Base decisions on reliable, accurate data.

  • Use proven interventions.

  • Put information in appropriate section.

  • Explain ALL expenses.

Don’ts Performance/Outcome Indicators

  • Miss deadline for proposal.

  • Guidelines for application not met exactly.

  • Not a priority topic.

  • Cost appears greater than the benefits.

  • Budget too high or too low.

  • If it wasn’t asked for, don’t send it!

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Performance/Outcome Indicators

4:00pm on March 31, 2014

in the ACC office

Questions?????? Performance/Outcome Indicators