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Liv. Hello and my name is Olivia but you could call me Liv for short. I am in grade 4 and turning 10 on the 28 of February. I am a happy Girl who loves to write lots of stories! I hope you like it! Olivia Kate Bisiach!. Me in grade 3. Term 1. My term one goals are: To get my pen License

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Hello and my name is Olivia but you could call me Liv for short.

I am in grade 4 and turning 10 on the 28 of February.

I am a happy Girl who loves to write lots of stories!

I hope you like it!

Olivia Kate Bisiach!

Me in grade 3


Term 1

My term one goals are:

  • To get my pen License
  • To be SRC
  • To get Better at my 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9 time tables
  • (and) To not have a fight with my friends

Term 2

  • My term 2 goals are:
  • Give Miss Spoor her birthday prezzies
  • To not get really angry with my friends
  • To get better with my math (All)








  • I love Writing stories and this is the Subject for it.
  • I would never let go of the pen and keep on writing stories.
  • English is the best Subject in the world


In reading I am the highest group. The first book I read is tales of fourth grade nothing which was really funny. I wish I could read it again.




In maths it is fun. You learn everything new everyday. When the grade 3’s do some of their work I still remember them from last year. In grade 4 we have use this book call Betty & Jim. It is so hard I had to do 50 Questions in grade 3 because I was so smart.



In spelling I have had so much fun that I have been going pretty well. I would like to thank Miss Rigby for letting us do spelling.



  • In term 1 we have done stuff all about me. The fist week we did a collage on all the stuff I like. The second week of homework we did a presentation on the stuff that inspirers me. I bring my teddy, h necklace and my folder of school stuff.

Integrated Studies

  • Integrated Studies is really fun and fascinating that I want to do it all the time. I only remember doing to do 4 times only.

My strengths

  • My strengths are Word strengths which I am the best at it. People might look at me and think oh she is a maths girl not a Word girl but deep inside me I am a Word girl.

Pen Licence

On the 6/3/09 I got my Pen License. It all started with Jesse. He was doing his writing when he said “This is the best writing I have done in this Term. I think I’m going to get my Pen License.” I was so upset that I didn’t get my Pen License that I wanted to die. My teacher last year said that I should get my pen license and she said and said and said so I believed her. So on the 6/3/09 Jesse got his Pen License but then Miss Rigby had 2 Blue Pens and 2 Red Pens. Then Elleora got her. Gooooooooooooooo Elleora. “I really want my Pen License” Then Miss Rigby said “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVV B” that was me.

So that was the story of me getting my Pen License.


Immigration Museum

  • The Immigration Museum was the best. I really liked the questions on the Queens Bridge because I won the prize and was a lolly snake which was YUMMY! Some of the info was really sad.


Water is good for you because…

  • Water is hygienic
  • Water saves your lives
  • (and) it also refreshes you and you body.

People can also can make you have fun and the activities that make you have fun is…

  • Swim in the pool
  • Have water fights as in:

Water guns and water bombs.

Water is so healthy for us that even thought water doesn’t taste like anything it is still healthy.

See Ya 3/4R (CYA 3/4R)


Moonee Ponds Creek Descripstion

Here in this photo of Elleora, Elena and I. We were at an Oval taking photos of us. We were happy and really excited about all the stuff we were going to do. Our scarfs were really soft that it felt like blankets around our necks but when we took this photo all we thought about was our friendship in 3/4R. Whenever someone was upset in our friendship or anyone else all you could feel was a really soft rub on your back. So Thanks to all for being my friend because ever time you look at me, you give me a really warm smile. To me I describe my friends as joy and they are so helpful when I need help it feels like that if they were away every single bit of me would break because I wouldn’t service without them. When I see this picture it makes me feel so happy it means the whole world to me. It also means that it was a peaceful day which makes me so happy.



  • What is a drought?

A drought is something that is saying “We don’t have enough so save it.” a drought is also means we need to stop playing with water and use it for the things we need to use it for.

In this universe there is some animals that need to have water. We endanger animals by taking their water and cutting their homes down. Please save the animals.


Liv.B (Me)

Education Week



On education day I had the best day of my life.

First I went to a performance called Greece Is The Word. It was really fun. I had to do the Zorba and all kind of stuff that was funny, intrusting and all kind of stuff. The next bit was when I went to another grade and did some activities. Mine was weapons. Then I ate a pizza and it was so YUMMY! Then everyone had a galarty

Miss Yolla (queen Yollaess)