Rhino by lachlan
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Rhino by Lachlan. Features.

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Rhino by Lachlan

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Rhino by Lachlan


  • I am 2m at my shoulders and I weigh 2300 kg, I am the largest rhino! I have Grey skin and a little bit of white hair on my back. I have two horns, made of a hair-like substance and I have a square muzzle for eating grass. I'm odd toed and have hoofed feet, and I am related to the horse. I have short legs and a short tail and poor eyesight. My horns grow from 2.5 to 8cm each year. 1.5m long is the longest horn. I can live up to 35 years. My population is now 7,500.


I live in grassy lands with lots of bushes and trees near lots of water. I don't migrate. I live in southern Africa and central Africa.


  • I am a herbivore that eats plants. I have square lips that help me eat grass, trees, leaves and bushes. I sometimes graze on grass at night, and I can go four or five days withoal water

How young are born

  • I am born live, after developing for 547 days. Males and females fight during courtship, leading to wounds.

How do you take care of your offspring

If a calf is threatened, the mother will fight for its calf. The baby drinks milk from its mother for over 12 months. The baby leaves its mother when it's 2 years old.

Natural enemies

  • My natural enemies are mostly humans but sometimes lions and crocodiles might try to hunt me too. I use my horns and body to protect myself. There are only four white rhinos left

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