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All groom choose

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MireleBridegroomMade by :Realizat de: Boca Alin clasa a VI-a

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Made by :

Realizat de: Boca Alin clasa a VI-a

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Mai demult exista obiceiul ca dac doi tineri hotrau s se cstoreasc, atunci le spuneau prinilor care trebuia s fie i ei de acord.

Dac erau de acord i prinii se stabileau dou ntlniri:

Familia mirelui mergea a pei acas la mireas. Aici se stabileau condiiile n care se va face nunta: ce zestre i se va da miresei, unde vor locui tinerii, cu ce particip fiecare familie la realizarea nunii.

A doua ntlnire are loc cnd familia miresei merge pe vedere acas la mire. Aici se dicut ultimele detalii cu privire la nunt i se stabilete data nunii.

Urmeaz apoi pregtirile fcute acas la fiecare familie. De obicei familia mirelui ddea plinca i porcul pentru nunt.

A long time ago, usually, if two youngs decided to married, thei told that to their parents, which is necessary to be agree. If happened that, is established two meeting.Bridegrooms family go to brides house. Here they establish the conditions from wedding: bride trousseau, place where youngs lives, what is the participations of each other family to making wedding. The second meet is when the brides family go to bridegrooms house. Here is discussed the last details about wedding and the date of this. Will next the preparations made it to each family. Ussualy bridegrooms family give the alcool named plinca(made by fruits) and thepig for the wedding dishes.

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Mirele se pregtea pentru a-i alege naii mpreun cu familiia lui. Naii se alegeau de ctre prini i se inea cont de legturile avute cu acetia-n general naii mirelui erau naii prinilor lui, sau copiii acestora. Tot mirele alegea chemtorii care erau flci nensurai i aveau rolul de a da de tire c urmeaz s fac nunt respectivele familii. Chemtorii erau prieteni ai mirelui pe care fetele din sat i gteau pentru ziua n care vor merge la chemat. Acetia aveau nite bte care se mpodobeau cu cele mai frumoase lucruri cusute de fetele din sat, iar pe haine li se cuseau flori de cmp.

The bridegroom prepare to chose his godfathers with his family. The godfathers was chosse by bridegrooms parents, and take account of links concerned with them-in general were the godfathers of groom's parents or their children. All groom choose chemtorii youth who were unmarried and had intended to give the news that the wedding is maded by these families. Chemtorii were friends of the groom, which is prepare by the girls from village for the day which will go to call. They had some bats that are decorated with the most beautiful things sewn by the girls from the village, and the clothes are sewn with wild flowers.

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Tot mirele cuta un gritor care avea rolul de intermediar ntre cele dou familii. Acesta presra ceremonialul de cerere a miresei cu momente comice pentru bine-dispunerea nuntailor. Tot el anuna nuntaii despre fiecare eveniment care urmeaz, de exemplu cnd se d darul mirilor el anun ce dar primesc acetia i din partea cui.

Also tehe groom search for a "telling" that have the role of intermediary between the two families. This application interlard ceremony with comic moments for well-disposed of people participating to the wedding. . He announced about each event that follows, for example when the gift is given to bride and groom.

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n ziua nunii mirele se trezea de diminea se spla pe fa la un izvor cu ap cristalin, se aranja se mbrca cu cele mai noi haine pe care nu l-ea mbrcat pn atunci, cmaa cu sprgi din bumbac alb ca laptele, gaci largi din bumbac esute i cizme biurgher din piele cu tureac lung, suman esut n rzboi i cum sau clomp n cap.

O femeie mai n vrst l descnta pe mire astfel:

On the day of the wedding, groom wake up for morning wash your face in a crystalline spring water, is set to wear the latest clothes that no-dressed it up then, break shirt from cotton white as milk, pants from cotton and leather boots named biurgher , tissue waistcoat and cap on the head. An older woman is exorcise:

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Dup ce se strngeau toi nuntaii mirelui, care veneau clare pe cei mai frumoi cai din sat mpreun cu starostele, naii de cununie i cu familia, porneau mpreun cu muzicani spre casa miresei. Toi mergeau n crue trase de cai care erau mpodobii cu oluri, tergare esute, ngalau i ciucuri foarte mari fcui din fibre din toate culorile. Toi erau mbrcai n costume populare. n faa alaiului mergea un lslu adic un fecior care juca un fel de steag mpodobit cu cele mi frumoase lucruri facute de mama mirelui: fee de mas cusute de mn, terguri, diverse lucruri din dantel. Zestrea mirelui consta n car cu boi, o bucat de pmnt, coas, furc, alte unelte. De la nai mirele primeau unelte, lucruri folositoare n cas, iar dac erau oameni nstrii putea s-i dea finului lor, o pereche de boi, un cal, o crua sau chiar o bucat de pmnt.

After gathering all weddings participants, who came astride the most beautiful horses from the village with , godfathers and family, starting with the house music band for the bride. All went in cartwright pulled by horses that were decorated with oluri, woven towels, bells and tassels made of high fiber in all colors. All were dressed in folk costumes. Followers went before a lslu means a boy who played a kind of flag decorated with the beautiful things maded by grooms mother : side table hand-sewn, diaper ,various things in lace. Dowry bridegroom is the cart with two oxes, a piece of land, scythe, pitchfork and other tools. Godfather of the groom give him tools, useful things in the house, and if is riches people were able to give him, a pair of oxen, a horse, a cart or even a piece of land.

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