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Christmas Around the World. Christmas in Mexico. Christmas in Mexico is posadas and pinatas. Posada. A posada is a religious parade that takes place for nine days before Christmas. Children dress as Mary and Joseph and look of a place to stay. Pinata.

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Christmas in mexico l.jpg
Christmas in Mexico

  • Christmas in Mexico is posadas and pinatas.

Posada l.jpg

  • A posada is a religious parade that takes place for nine days before Christmas. Children dress as Mary and Joseph and look of a place to stay.

Pinata l.jpg

  • Pinata means gift. It is a paper mache figure filled with presents.

  • The pinata is hung from the ceiling.

  • Then blindfolded boys and girls take turns trying to hit it with a stick.

  • When it is cracked opened the children are showered with dolls, trinkets, candy and fruit.

Christmas in italy l.jpg
Christmas in Italy

  • La Befana, a kind old witch, searches for good boys and girls to leave gifts for.

She makes a list l.jpg
She makes a list

  • If the children are good La Befeana leaves them presents.

  • But, if you’re a bad boy or girl La Befeana leaves you coals and ashes.

Christmas in sweden l.jpg
Christmas in Sweden

  • Santa Lucia comes on December 13th.

  • The Christmas tree is decorated with real lighted candles.

Christmas in holland l.jpg
Christmas in Holland

  • Sinterklaas arrives in a steamboat from Spain with a white horse and dozens of helpers.

December 6th l.jpg
December 6th

  • Children place their wooden shoes filled with carrots and hay by the fireplace for Sinterklaas’ horse.

Christmas in america l.jpg
Christmas in America

  • Christmas in America is Christmas trees, gifts, tinsel, mistletoe, cards and that jolly old elf – Santa Claus.

Christmas trees l.jpg
Christmas Trees

  • The Christmas tree is a custom taken from Germany.

  • The tree is covered with festive lights and colorful decorations.

Tinsel l.jpg

  • According to legend, a poor old woman was unable to provide decorations for her children’s Christmas tree. When she woke up she discovered that a spider had spun a magical silver web that covered the tree.

  • Today tinsel still adds a magical touch to our trees.

Mistletoe l.jpg

  • The evergreen leaves are a symbol of good luck. That is why it is hung in the doorway.

  • The kiss under the mistletoe is a symbol of peace.

Christmas cards l.jpg
Christmas Cards

  • This is an English custom.

  • The first card was sent in 1870.

  • Today it is a holiday greeting for family and friend near and far away.

Christmas gifts l.jpg
Christmas Gifts

  • The custom of giving gifts goes back to when the Wise Men came to Bethlehem baring gift.

  • Today Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, La Befana, and Father Christmas all around the world deliver gifts on this special day.

Slide16 l.jpg

  • Test your skill. Could you becoming an Elf for the Jolly Old Elf himself.

Wishing you a very merry christmas l.jpg
Wishing Youa Very Merry Christmas