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Appreciative Inquiry:. Locating the Energy for Change The King County Staff Development Coalition August 4 th 2005. Intended Outcomes . Experience Appreciative Inquiry Process Meet the principles of Appreciative Inquiry

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appreciative inquiry
Appreciative Inquiry:

Locating the Energy for Change

The King County Staff Development Coalition

August 4th 2005

intended outcomes
Intended Outcomes
  • Experience Appreciative Inquiry Process
  • Meet the principles of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Gain new perspectives to address life’s opportunities professionally and personally
participants expectations
Participants Expectations:
  • Understand enough to put AI into practice right away – like Today!
  • Positive way to influence change
  • Networking with each other
    • To solve problems
    • To co create our destiny
  • Relate to, add to Dependable Strengths Articulation Process
what is appreciative inquiry
What is Appreciative Inquiry?

A methodology for change

A theory of human behavior

A philosophy

Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organizational change based on strengths rather than weaknesses, on a vision of what is possible rather than an analysis of what is not.


The Process


Appreciative Inquiry

4-D Cycle






Appreciative Inquiry

4-D Cycle




the appreciative interview
The Appreciative Interview
  • A fundamental tool of Appreciative Inquiry.
  • Discovers what people really care about.
  • Captures both facts and feelings.
  • Lets people “see themselves being heard.”
the positive core

The Positive Core

After discussing and discovering themes,

small groups achieved consensus then

wrote 3 to 5 themes on a chart paper and posted them on the wall.

mapping the positive core
Mapping the Positive Core

Participants placed three dots on those themes that spoke to them.

Alignment of personal values to organization’s mission (20)

Reward of working with others (18) :

the contagious nature of goodwill

faith in human spirit; Ability to change

Commitment, patience, appreciation of people

Teamwork, collaboration, relationships (16)

Communication - time to do it, sharing, being heard, giving and receiving feedback (15)

Freedom to be best self- time/faith in the human spirit (10)

Change happens, embrace it, organic growing (10)

Passion (9)

Service to others, caring, shared values (8)

“?” – The Mystery Quality – Knowing context, perseverance (3)

Capacity building for flexibility and resiliency (1)


Appreciative Inquiry

4-D Cycle


visioning process

Visioning Process

Through the development of a visual creative project, possibility statements emerged.

a possibility statement is
A Possibility Statement is:

1. Provokes action

2. Grounded in your discovery

3. Desired expression of your future today

4. Stated in bold positive words

5. Written in present tense

6. Supports and guides action

7. Stimulates body, mind and spirit

Grounded in our black and white reality we keep sight of the art, sound and color of the possible, pushing the limits of how reality is defined. We are fueled by faith in the human spirit, perseverance and hope of positive and creative change.
Goodwill is contagious.




just ask Clyde!

Life is change

Change is opportunity

Embrace it!

haiku vision
Haiku - Vision

Welcome! My best self

To dream this world into life

See that I did it.

Never enough time

Did I already win the prize?

A moon given light.

I think I can do

Sun Shining in Deep Blue Skies

Let Freedom Rise now!

How high is high.

Feel the human spirit grow

All things are possible.

Inspired by our values,

Our passion fuels our growth.




Necessary SharingGrowth


EmpoweringOptimism Diversity

We stimulate contagious goodwill through spirited engagement and inclusive instruction to create positive lasting rewards.

Paula, Doug, Katie and Jason


Appreciative Inquiry

4-D Cycle


how do we make it happen
How do we make it happen?
  • As a group we developed strategic intentions
  • As an individual each person made:
    • a Commitment
    • an Offer of assistance
    • a Request for aid

Appreciative Inquiry

4-D Cycle



“Positive image leads to positive action.”

David Cooperrider

what you focus on increases
What you focus on increases…
  • Appreciating and valuing the best of “what is”
  • Envisioning what might be
  • Dialoguing what could be
  • Innovating what will beBasic Assumption:
  • Every organization is a mystery to be embraced
appreciative assumption 1

Appreciative Assumption 1

Words Create our World

appreciative assumption 2

Appreciative Assumption 2

Inquiry Creates Change

The moment we ask the question, we begin to create change

appreciative assumption 3

Appreciative Assumption 3

We Can Choose What We Study

What we choose to study makes a difference

appreciative assumption 4

Appreciative Assumption 4

Image Inspires ActionThe more positive and hopeful the image of the future, the more positive the present-day action



“Positive image leads to positive action.”

David Cooperrider

positive questions lead to positive change positive questions amplify the positive core

Appreciative Assumption 5

Positive Questions Lead to Positive Change

Positive questions amplify the Positive Core

appreciative assumption 6

Appreciative Assumption 6

Acting “As If” Is Self-FulfillingBe the change we want to see

appreciative assumption 7

Appreciative Assumption 7

Wholeness Brings Out the Best

Engage all the voices in the system & organization

Get everyone involved

appreciative assumption 8

Appreciative Assumption 8

Free Choice Liberates Power

Increases performance, stimulates organizational excellence and change