guru tegh bahadur ji
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Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

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Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. 1621 - 1675. Ninth Guru. Youngest son of Guru Hargobind Sahib & Bibi Nanaki Born in Amritsar in 1621 Trained as a soldier & horse rider Religious education from Baba Budha ji & Bhai Gurdas ji. Life Story. Married to Mata Gujari Ji in 1633

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ninth guru
Ninth Guru
  • Youngest son of Guru Hargobind Sahib & Bibi Nanaki
  • Born in Amritsar in 1621
  • Trained as a soldier & horse rider
  • Religious education from Baba Budha ji & Bhai Gurdas ji
life story
Life Story
  • Married to Mata Gujari Ji in 1633
  • Nine years later settled down in a village called Bakala
  • Meditated for many years
  • Guru Teg Bahadur accepted the role of leading the Sikhs.
  • Set out on a number of journeys….
  • Kiratpur, Goindwal, Khadur Sahib, Amritsar and Taran Taaran Sahib…
  • Preached honest work and charity
  • Settled at Patna where he left his family for a while & went to eastern states of India
birth of gobind rai
Birth of Gobind Rai
  • His son Gobind Rai was born in 1666 at Patna
  • He met his son after several years
  • Finally in 1672 he came to Anandpur Saheb where he settled
  • The Muslim emperor Aurangzeb wanted to convert everybody to Islam
  • Ordered Hindu Pandits of Kashmir to be converted
  • Pandits asked Guru Teg Bahadur to help
shaheedi contd
Shaheedi contd…
  • Gobind Rai asked Guru ji the reason for Pandits visit
  • Guru ji replied that unless a holy man lays his life the Hindus can not be saved
  • Gobind Rai suggested to his father that there can not be a bigger saint than him and suggested him to go and face Mughals challenge
  • Starved
  • Kept behind iron bars
  • Made to watch shaheedi of
    • Bhai Mati Das
    • Bhai Sati Das
  • Finally beheaded publicly in Delhi (gurdwara Sees Ganj)
  • Lakhi Shah Vanjara took Guru ji’s body and in order to cremate him set fire to his house!
  • Bhai Jaita took Guru ji’s Sis to Anandpur Saheb to hand over to Guru Gobind Singh ji
  • Honesty, devotion, self less service.
  • Kurbani
  • Shabads gurbani
  • His son Guru Gobind Singh ji became guru at a young age of nine layers
  • He later laid the Khalsa panth learning from the teachings of guru Tegh Bahadur Ji
vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

vwihgurU jI kw ^wlswvwihgurU jI kI Pqih

Sis Dea Par Sirar Na Deea
  • Dharam Het Saka Jin Keea
Tilak Janjhu Rakha Prabh Taa Kaa
  • Keeno Bado Kaluu mai Saaka
Sadhan Het Iti Jin Kari
  • Sis Deaa Par See Na Uchari

Sadhan Het Iti Jin Kari

Meaning – he who sacrificed himself for the sake of sadhus

Sis Deaa Par See Na Uchari

Meaning – he sacrificed his life

Natak Chetak Keeye Kukaja
  • Prabh Logan Ke Aavat Laaja