Label switched path lsp dynamical provisioning performance metrics in generalized mpls networks
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Label Switched Path (LSP) Dynamical Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS Networks PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Label Switched Path (LSP) Dynamical Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS Networks. draft-xie-ccamp-lsp-dppm-01.txt. Presenter : Dan Li (danli@ HUAWEI .com) Authors : Guowu Xie (blithe@ SJTU Weiqiang Sun (sunwq@ SJTU

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Label Switched Path (LSP) Dynamical Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS Networks

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Label Switched Path (LSP) Dynamical Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS Networks



Dan Li (


Guowu Xie (

Weiqiang Sun (

Guoying Zhang (

Xueqing Wei (

Jianhua Gao (

Bin Gu (

Motivations of this draft

  • Measuring LSP provisioning performance in the lab

    • Requirements of dynamical provisioning capability in GMPLS Networks: interactive broadband multimedia services.

    • Let the requirement of applications and the provisioning capability of the network be mapped to each other

  • Measuring the provisioning performance in operational networks

    • Monitor the control plane performance in real-time

    • Helpful to the GMPLS network maintenance and optimization.

  • Standardized metrics and the way to measure them precisely should be defined

    • In scope of CCAMP charter: “Definition of MIB modules and other OAM techniques relevant to the protocols and extensions specified within the WG.”

  • Maximize common understanding of LSP provisioning performance between the service providers and network users/applications

Changes with version 00

  • Explicit statements on applicability of including the defined metrics in GMPLS-TE-STD-MIB

    • In abstract and introduction

  • A couple of changes in the text

    • Correct the errors in 7.6, 8.7

    • Revising 4.1, 4.7, 5.4, 6, 8.7, 9.1

  • Measurement time unit changed from ‘seconds’ to ‘milli-seconds’

    • In all effected sections

Topics discussed in the group

  • Motivating the metrics

    • The metrics themselves received no objections. They seem well motivated through the discussions in the group.

  • Setup Ratio

    • Will be added in the next update

  • RSVP convergence and graceful restart

    • Will be considered in the next update

  • Including a set of metrics into GMPLS-TE-STD-MIB

    • A reference to RFC 4802 will be added in the next update

  • Discussions on harmonizing withSamir’s draft on RSVP-TE convergence (In BMWG)

    • Rough consensus reached: retaining this draft in CCAMP

    • Further work underway

  • Rerouting performance

    • It is still a pending problem, need more input from the group and WG

Next Steps

  • Reach a consensus in CCAMP on the defined metrics

  • Harmonization with RSVP-TE convergence draft

  • More discussions on

    • MIB inclusion of some of the metrics

    • LSP rerouting performance

    • P2MP performance metrics

  • Authors need more feedback in the WG mailing list.

Backup slides

Milestones of this draft

  • Feb. 2007, 00 Version published (Guowu Xie)

  • Mar. 2007, Presented at the 68th IETF meeting (Guoying zhang)

  • Apr. 2007, A discussion group is setup (Guoying Zhang)

    • Participants: Deborah, Monique, Luyuan Fang, Al Morton, Julien Meuric, Itaru Nishioka, and all authors

  • Jun. 2007, Version 01 published (Weiqiang Sun)

  • Jun. 2007, harmonization with RSVP-TE convergence draft begins (Monique Morrow)

    • Samir Vapiwala, Karu and Zafar Ali are introduced into the discussion group

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