2012 13 safe schools infinite campus
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2012-13 Safe Schools Infinite Campus PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012-13 Safe Schools Infinite Campus. End of Year Training Windy L. Newton Office of Next Generation Schools & Districts, Division of Student Success. New Requirements 2012-13.

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2012-13 Safe Schools Infinite Campus

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Presentation Transcript

2012-13 Safe SchoolsInfinite Campus

End of Year Training

Windy L. Newton

Office of Next Generation Schools & Districts, Division of Student Success

New Requirements 2012-13

  • Resolutions mapped to the state code of INSR: In-School Removal will now be included in the extract validations and will produce records on the extract.

  • Incidents involving law or board violations related to the following will now produce a record on the extract, regardless of resolution:

  • Assault or Violence

  • Guns or other weapons

  • Controlled substances (including alcohol or tobacco)

  • Bullying or Harassment

    A list of the select law and board violations can be found in the 2012-13 Safe Schools Data Standards on the KDE Safe Schools website.

Reporting Path

  • The Safe Schools Extract is located via KY State Reporting | Safe Schools

  • This report should be used by the district to verify district behavior data

  • Upon verification from all districts, KDE will export the data from the IC data warehouse on July 1st

  • Extract Options:

    • Date Range: should remain as default

  • Sub-Reports:

    • Allows user to section out the categories of reporting

  • School and Grade Criteria:

    • Ensure all grades and schools are included in the verification process


  • SS1: Assault or Violence

  • SS2: Possession of Guns or Other Deadly Weapons

  • SS3: Possession/Use or Distribution of Controlled Substance (includes alcohol or tobacco)

  • SS4: Bullying or Harassment

  • SS5: Resolutions of Suspension, Expulsion or Corporal Punishment not reported in SS1-SS4

Includes INSR, In-School Removals

Validation Checks

  • Errors– Indicate problematic data that will NOT pull on the report

  • Warnings – Indicate problematic data that WILL pull on the report

    All errors and warnings should be resolved during the district verification process.

Note: Error numbering will be updated in E.1314 release

  • Error 1: Resolutions – Missing End Dates and/or Times

    This error will be appear anytime a student has a state resolution (SSP1, SSP2, SSP3, SSP5, INSR) w/o a resolution end date and or time.

  • Error 2: State Resolutions without a Law or Board Violation

    This error will appear any time a student has a State Resolution (SSP1, SSP2, SSP3, SSP5) and no selection of a Law or Board violation.

    NOTE: INSR is excluded in 12-13 reporting from this error; however will be included in the 13-14 reporting

Note: Error numbering will be updated in E.1314 release

  • Error 3: Events without a Participant

    This error will be appear anytime an event with a qualifying Law or Board violation does not have participant selected.

  • Error 4: Student Behavior Incident Date is not within Enrollment

    This error will appear for any student offender with a qualifying behavior event date outside the student’s enrollment dates.

  • Warning 1: Out of School Suspension/attendance dates and/or times Inconsistent

    This warning will appear for students who received a state resolution of SSP3 and the start/end date/times of the behavior resolution are not consistent with the check-in/out date/time within the student’s attendance.

  • Warning 2: Missing Demographic Data

    This warning will appear for students who are missing one or more of the following demographic fields:

    • State Student ID

    • First Name

    • Gender

  • Warning 3: Student Behavior Resolution Date not within Enrollment

    This warning will appear for students who have a behavior resolution start/end date outside of the enrollment start/end dates.

  • Warning 4: Overlapping State Resolution Start Date/Time and or End Date/Time

    This warning will appear anytime a student has two or more state resolutions (SSP1, SSP2, SSP3, SSP5, INSR) which overlap by any span of dates or times.

    Once all errors and warnings are cleaned up, you can generate the report.

Extract Details

  • The extract will open as .CSV file in excel

  • It is sorted as follows:

    • by district number

    • then school number

    • then sub-report

    • then law violation code

    • then board violation code

    • and finally by state student ID

  • Meaning of codes for specified data elements:

    • Gender: 1=Male; 2=Female

    • Race ID: 1=Hispanic; 2=American Indian/Alaska Native; 3=Asian; 4=Black; 5=Native Hawaii/PI; 6=White; 7=Two or more

    • Economic Status: F=Free; R=Reduced; S=Paid

    • Active Special Ed.: 1=Yes; 2=No (based on if student has an active, locked IEP at any point in time of report date range)

    • Context: SS: School sponsored event, during school hours; SN; School sponsored event, not during school hours; NS: Non-school sponsored event, during school hours; NN: Non-school sponsored event, not during school hours

Sub-report law/board codes

SS2: Guns or other Deadly Weapons

Law violations:

11, 20, 30, 90, 172, 174, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 320 or 330

Law violations:





SS1: Assault or Violence

Descriptions of codes can be located in the 2012-13 Behavior Data Standards

SS4: Bullying or Harassment

Law violations:

210, 230, 1801, 1802, 1811, 1812, 1821, 1822, 1831, 1832, 1841, 1842, 1851, 1852, 1861, 1862, 1871, 1872, 1881, 1891, 1892

Board violations:

9001, 9002, 9003

Law violations:




Board violations:






SS3: Controlled Substance

Descriptions of codes can be located in the 2012-13 Behavior Data Standards

SS5: Resolution Codes

  • SSP1: Expelled, receiving services

  • SSP2: Expelled, not receiving services

  • SSP3: Out of school suspension

  • SSP5: Corporal Punishment

  • INSR: In-School Removal

New to the report collection this year!

Things to know!

  • Begin cleaning up your errors/warnings with the E.1310 release

  • The report will be capturing significantly more data than previous years, so there will be more errors/warnings and the district/school numbers of incidents will increase

  • Once data exported in excel, separate by school and send to your building principals for verification

2012-13 Timeline

  • April 10th- E.1310 release into district production environments

  • May 1st – District verification window opens

  • June 28th- District verification window closes

  • June 28th– Superintendent verification due to KDE

  • July 1st- KDE will extract data from IC state data warehouse

  • July 15th (tentative) – District and school level data will be available for viewing in the 12-13 School Report Card Data Collection tool

  • July 31st- School Report Card verification of behavior data ends (note: two weeks after availability in SRC)

  • August 30th– Data provided to KCSS and OEA as mandated by KRS 158.444


  • Infinite Campus Behavior questions, contact Windy.newton@education.ky.gov

  • Behavior Programmatic questions, contact Libby.taylor@education.ky.gov

  • Refer to 2012-13 Data Standards on KDE’s Safe Schools web page:


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