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Ethos Pathos Logos. Rhetorical Appeals. Rhetoric and Rhetorical Appeals. Rhetoric- the use of words to persuade, either in writing or speech. Rhetorical appeals- three main types are ethos, pathos and logos. ETHOS.

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ethos pathos logos


Rhetorical Appeals

rhetoric and rhetorical appeals
Rhetoric and Rhetorical Appeals
  • Rhetoric- the use of words to persuade, either in writing or speech.
  • Rhetorical appeals- three main types are ethos, pathos and logos
  • A rhetorical appeal that focuses on the character or qualification of the speaker.
  • The speakers credibility is paramount!
  • When you bargain with your parents to let you go hang out at a friends house because you’ve never been in trouble before.

Mobil 1 ad- Tony Stewart is a NASCAR driver. Driving is his life and he uses Mobil 1. It’s wanting you to trust Tony Stewart because he’s an expert and a good guy.

  • Allstate Ad- Mike Holmes (house expert), Nicole Lapin (Financial expert), Carter Oosterhouse (Home expert)
  • A rhetorical appeal to the reader’s or listener’s senses or emotions.
  • This will mainly appeal to your emotions.
    • You’ll buy ADT because you’re afraid someone will break into your house.
    • You’ll vote for a political candidate because he/she seems nice.
    • You’ll go to Disney world because it looks like so much fun!
  • A rhetorical appeal that appeals to reason or logic.
  • It presents the evidence and wants you to come to your own conclusion, not persuade you to believe what they believe.
  • For example: “This book spent 26 weeks as #1 on the bestseller list”
  • What could you logically infer?

-Agatha Christie mystery novels have sold over two billion copies- outsold by only the Bible and Shakespeare.

  • - The Harry Potter series has spawned 8 record shattering movies and a theme park at Universal Studios.