The cay
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The Cay. By Colter Weik 6th Grade Reading / Mr.Z February 3, 2010. Themes of this book. Bravery Survival Courage Help Prejudice Friend Ship Hope Death Loneliness War. One theme is war.

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The Cay

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The cay

The Cay

By Colter Weik

6th Grade Reading / Mr.Z

February 3, 2010

Themes of this book

Themes of this book

  • Bravery Survival

  • Courage Help

  • Prejudice Friend Ship

  • Hope

  • Death

  • Loneliness

  • War

One theme is war

One theme is war

  • This book is based in ww2,when the inland was under attack by the Germans and no ship could leave or it will get hit by a torpedoed because when a oil tanker left the docks it got hit and sank.



Has to save fresh water and makes a shelter out of clothes

Knows about nature

Fishes in a hole by a coral reef.


Main characters

Main Characters

  • Phillip a 11 year old that goes blind.

  • Timothy is stranded with Phillip & takes care of him.

  • Phillip’s dad works @ a referring.

  • Phillip’s mom she is super over portive with Phillip.



  • He is blind he stared in to the sun to long.

  • Main character in the book.

  • Hates Timothy.



  • Takes care of Phillip

  • Makes food

  • Tells Phillip not to stare in the light

  • Second Main Character in the book

Timothy s survival techniques

Timothy’s survivaltechniques

  • Puts freash water in a keg

  • Takes care of Phillip

  • Makes a shelter out of clothes

Phillips rudeness

Phillips Rudeness

  • Doesn’t like Timothy

  • Thinking his mom is right

  • Bets up timothy

Musical connection

Musical Connection

  • “To Dr.King’s dream, which can come true if the very young know and understand.”



  • What will happen is that Phillip will come back to the cay and have the memories when he was there and think of timothy and look around and find camp and look for the sign that spells out HELP and find the hole for fishing then think about stew cat.

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