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CptS 401 Adam Carter. 5.4-5.6. Quiz Question. The purpose of the Cyber-Crime Treaty is to help law enforcement agencies in different countries cooperate in the prosecution of cyber crimes. standardize the laws against cyber crimes in different U.S. states.

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Cpts 401 adam carter

CptS 401

Adam Carter


Quiz question
Quiz Question

The purpose of the Cyber-Crime Treaty is to

  • help law enforcement agencies in different countries cooperate in the prosecution of cyber crimes.

  • standardize the laws against cyber crimes in different U.S. states.

  • toughen existing international laws against cyber crimes.

  • None of the above



See p. 291.

Recall the dual-criminality provision. What are arguments for and against such a provision?

Quiz question1
Quiz Question

Providers of services and information must make sure that their material is not accessible in countries where it is illegal—this principle is known as

  • “authority to prevent entry”

  • “responsibility to prevent access”

  • “responsibility to regulate content”

  • “mandate to block access”

  • None of the above



See p. 293

Quiz question2
Quiz Question

The “authority to prevent entry” principle states that

  • information providers must prevent their materials from being accessible in countries where the materials are illegal.

  • individuals are solely responsible for blocking access to materials they find personally objectionable.

  • governments may block access to material that is illegal in their country, but may not prosecute the providers of such material if the material is legal in the country in which it is produced.

  • None of the above



See p. 299

Quiz question3
Quiz Question

  • In all cases, it is legal for a program “crawl” another website

  • True

  • False


  • False (285) eBay banned Bidder’s Edge from mining their site for data

Quiz question4
Quiz Question

  • Having obtained a search warrant, government agencies may look at/for:

  • Everything located on the property

  • Only the items listed on the search warrant

  • The items listed on the search warrant and anything left in plain view

Update use of lab files showed more than 100 baseball players used steroids
Update: Use of Lab Files Showed More than 100 Baseball Players Used Steroids

  • On p. 289, the book mentions a well-known case involving the potential release of information on players who, according to lab files, used steroids

  • The original search warrant was for 10 specific players, yet the law enforcement agents wanted to release info on 100 players who used steroids.

  • How was the case settled? Let’s look:


Discussion Players Used Steroids

  • In your opinion, did the government overstep its bounds in this case?

Clicker question
Clicker question Players Used Steroids

  • Is it okay for the government to search your computer for items not related to the original warrant?

  • Yes

  • No

Clicker question1
Clicker question Players Used Steroids

  • Should the government be allowed to use automated bots to monitor and log suspicious activity?

  • Yes

  • No

Click questions
Click questions Players Used Steroids

  • Automated searches do not require a search warrant

  • Strongly Agree

  • Agree

  • Disagree

  • Strongly Disagree

Class discussion
Class discussion Players Used Steroids

  • What country’s laws should be used to determine whether or not something is illegal?

Clicker question2
Clicker Question Players Used Steroids

  • Was it okay for the U.S. to arrest the owner of the British gambling website?

  • Yes

  • No

Discussion Players Used Steroids

  • (If Adam hasn’t already) Discuss online gambling.

Libel in other countries wtf
Libel in other countries – WTF? Players Used Steroids